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Professional Credit Request

Partnering with RWU | UC with through a Professional Credit Request connects the non-institutional learning your staff, members and client get as part of your organization for greater educational and employment opportunities. Employers can provide an employee benefit that improves their bottom line through higher employee satisfaction and retention, while providing new skill sets. 

We will work with you to solve your organizations' educational goals by leveraging established and new professional training and education programs into college credit. Submit your organizations training, education programs, licenses or credentials to be assessed for credit at RWU | UC. and create a pathway for your organization to remove barriers to education. The Professional Credit Request (PROCR) is also a cost-effective way to bring added value to your organization.

  • Receiving Professional Prior Learning Credit 
  • Gives you an competitive advantage by enhancing the skills of your staff
  • Creates strong recruitment and retention incentives with college credit for work training
  • Provides visibility and prestige for your organization's training
  • Enhances the academic value of your current training

Completing the Professional Credit Request (PROCR) creates an academic partnership with Roger Williams University, which can lead to credit and non-credit based certificates or specialized curriculum that your organization views as strategically important, or customized degree programs needed in your industry. 

Contact us to discuss developing a pathway from your organization's training to one of our degree programs, and browse our list of Reviewed Programs & Credentials

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Three students look at notesCenter for Workforce & Professional Training (CWPD)

University's College's Center for Workforce & Professional Development (CWPD) partners with businesses and organizations to develop custom training and education programs that prepare your workforce and leadership team to drive growth and scale success.

University College’s Center for Workforce & Professional Training (CWPD) is comprised of three training areas:

•    Training for Workforce & Job Readiness
•    Customized Training and Workshops for Community & Corporate Partners
•    Professional Development Training for Educator & Schools

The CWPD designs custom training or education programs to be competency-based, incorporating pre-and post-assessments to capture impact around your learning goals. We work diligently to ensure that our programs are responsive to enterprise needs by aligning the appropriate expert or practitioner for your industry or competency area. Our staff and faculty develop a contextualized curriculum that is culturally relevant, and we have some faculty who are able to deliver programs in Spanish.

Find out more about the CWPD training offerings and process for becoming a community partner, or contact the CWPD.

Common Questions & Answers About Professional Credit Review

The Professional Credit Review is a process to determine if an organization's training and/or education program provide college-level learning, and can be applied as credit towards an academic certificate, or degree program at RWU | UC.

If the Professional Credit Review results in a determination of college level learning. Individuals who successfully  complete that training or education program will receive academic credit when they enroll in a certificate or degree program at RWU |UC.

The review is done by subject matter experts in the field being evaluated who evaluate the training or educational program, certificate or license through an assessment of objectives, content & assessment methods. This process also provides an opportunity for the organization to create academic partnership with RUU |UC.

An academic review team evaluates the training and educational programs to determine if they meet college-level standards and provides a recommendation for both the number of credits as well as the level (Undergraduate or Graduate). This team is comprised of subject matter experts in specific areas relevant to the request. 

The team of subject matter experts will examine the course content by reviewing the learning outcomes, course outcomes and course materials, assessment measures used in measuring learning outcomes, and the instructors' credentials, as well as the length of courses. The depth and breath of learning is examined by the organization providing a syllabus and/or course materials such as required readings, papers, exams, and/or projects or assignments.

A professional credit request is unique and there for any costs vary depending upon the type of program being reviewed. Contact us at 401-254-3277 or email us at to discuss your organization's specific training or educational programs.