Changing His Career, Changing His Life

Andrew Kong

Andrew Kong, RWU Class of 2018


Andrew Kong felt stuck. On the surface, everything was fine. Kong was a recent college graduate, and he had just started an internship at a local mental health treatment center as a counselor. The only problem was that he didn’t enjoy the work he was doing and his experience wasn’t getting better with time. So Kong started looking for a way to change his life. “I was looking for a door to change careers,” Kong says. “Going to a regular university and getting a degree, I couldn’t afford it.” That’s when he heard of the Career Pathway Programs at University College.

The 30-week program at UC sets students on paths toward careers that are in demand by providing the training students need to break into entry-level roles upon completion of the program. Graduates of the in-person program receive a RWU issued noncredit certificate, which signals to employers that the student has shown the skills and competencies needed for an entry-level job in their area of focus.

Kong was part of the Intro to Computers & Cyber Security pathway program. In this program, students learn intensive computer & technological skills that prepare them for high paying entry level jobs. The program further advances students with necessary computer / cyber security certifications such as Security + and Microsoft Office. In recent years, the need for cybersecurity professionals has grown 12 times faster than that of all other jobs.

“By changing careers, I could change my life,” Kong says. “If this works out, it will be a huge come up for me.”

The Career Pathway Program at UC has put him on that path, he says.