2022 Graduate Stories

Forensic Science Research Prepares Grad for Toxicology Job

By Melanie Thibeault
A headshot of Brigid Woods

After graduation, Forensic Science major and Psychology minor Brigid Woods ’22 will use the experience she gained in the lab at RWU in her new job as a toxicology medical laboratory assistant for Quest Diagnostics in Marlboro, Mass. In this position, she’ll be sampling and processing drug tests for different companies.  

Lab Work, Career Preparation: “The lab work that we do in Forensic Science, especially biology-related, is really amazing. I’ve been able to gain all these experiences and apply them to job interviews. It’s amazing to look at a job description and know that I’ve done this before and feel confident that I know what I'm doing. I could not have seen college going any better.”  

Internship Experience: “I did an internship over the summer with the R.I. state government, which I found through Roger. I was a public health policy intern. It was such a great experience. We picked a policy-related project and presented to members of the state Senate and House of Representatives. It was interesting to bring what I’ve learned to it.”  

Club Builds Leadership Skills: “My senior year I co-created the Forensic Science Club. I wanted to get more people interested in the major. We do a lot of co-sponsoring with the True Crime Club. We talk about true crime cases and apply science to it. We make presentations on how to process evidence. We’ve done simulations. It’s definitely developed my leadership skills a lot.”  

Woods is from Worcester, Mass. 

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2022 Graduate Stories