Take Two: Abby Moreau ’13

From the classroom to the professional world, economics major Abby Moreau unveils the secret to her RWU success

Student sits in the university quad.

When Abby Moreau ’13 was a discontented freshman at a small college in rural Virginia, she knew she had to make a big change. Looking for a place with better access to an alumni network and more opportunities to become involved, she made the decision to transfer to Roger Williams University and quickly found the sense of community and family she desired.

Now a senior economics major with a minor in English literature, Abby has carved out a place for herself in the campus community. In addition to serving as vice president for professional events for the Delta Sigma Pi professional fraternity and as an Enterprise Fellow for the Mario J. Gabelli School of Business, she participates in a host of activities outside the classroom and has formed bonds with faculty and fellow students to last a lifetime.

“We have opportunity to grow and be independent at Roger Williams but also have that sense of community and family that makes it a home,” Abby says. “I like the size of RWU – it’s not too small but it’s also not so big that you’re lost in the crowd. I never feel like I’m just a number. There is also a strong base of alumni who are very successful, so it’s great to make connections with them as well.”

And Abby has done just that: This summer, she’s interning for the Boston-based yoga and nutrition company On An Inhale – a group founded by RWU graduate Kendall Covitz ’10 that encourages people to adopt healthier lifestyles. Abby is assisting in marketing, social media and client outreach.

“I am definitely a people person,” she says. “I want to work in the nutrition field or fashion, and to travel and be really hands-on, so this is a great opportunity for me.”

Whatever direction Abby takes after graduation, she has some prudent words of advice for her fellow students: 

“Be yourself and do what makes you happy – don’t try to please anybody else yourself. And don’t limit your friends – there are so many great people to meet on campus,” she says. “Take any opportunity in front of you – don’t say “no”. If you find down the line that it’s not necessarily for you, at least you did it. Otherwise, you could end up missing out on something you really enjoy. Always make sure you’re doing something you love.”

You can hear more about Abby’s experience at RWU in the video below.