RWU’s University College Graduates Students from All Walks of Life

In the 2019 University College commencement ceremony, RWU celebrated the accomplishments of students who received their degrees or certificates and honor society inductees

By Courtney Dell'Agnese '19
UC Graduation

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – On Saturday, May 4, RWU’s University College kicked off the 2019 Commencement season with their graduation and awards ceremony that honored 74 students who received associate degrees and certificates.

Whether you’re a student who has just completed their degree or one who is finishing after taking time off from school, a high school student enrolled in the dual-enrollment program, a member of the workforce looking to advance their skills, or a military student gaining new skills, University College was designed to provide students from all walks of life the ability to earn a college education in every phase of their life.  

Student receiving degree

“It’s great to see how many different kinds of students we have here. [It’s] a diversity of learners and that’s very telling because that diversity of learners is what University College is all about,” said Interim President Andy Workman. “What I think is very impressive about UC and why I think it’s at the cutting-edge of higher education is the vision of Vice President Scurry and Dean Bianco of creating an institution where barriers disappear, smoothing the pathway rather than putting up further barriers.”

Furthermore, 9 high school students were recognized from Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex. Started in 2013, this program allows high school students to earn up to 15 college credits and a college level certificate in Community Development. Students in the program are not only earning college experience but are completing projects that make an impact on their communities.

JSEC Students

In addition to those who earned their degrees and certificates, many students were also inducted into national honor societies.

14 students were inducted into the Lambda Epsilon Chi Honor Society, which recognizes achievements of certificate or bachelor’s degree paralegal students who demonstrate superior academic performance. 23 students were inducted into the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society, which recognizes adult learners who represent the top non-traditional students for more than 300 institutions across the United States.

Alpha Sigma Lambda Inductees

“Regardless of what brought you here today, what sacrifice you had to make, you each persevered and triumphed,” said Jamie Scurry, Vice President of University College. “You did so in ways that supported each other. And when you leave here and move on to your next journey, please remember what is possible when you do what can feel like the impossible and what happens when people come together from all different backgrounds and experiences, to learn, grow and make a difference.” 

Those students from University College receiving their bachelor’s degrees will be honored in the University Commencement ceremony on May 18 at the Bristol Campus.