Grateful for this Semester: A Video Message from President Miaoulis

image of student sitting near Roger statue, both wearing masks

BRISTOL, R.I. – During these last few days together on campus this fall, President Miaoulis reflects on the ways every member of the RWU community has stepped up to make this remarkable semester happen.

President Miaoulis extends his deepest gratitude to students, faculty and staff, affirming a hard-won truth: 

“Many universities had to shut down or go to remote learning in the middle of the semester. We are one of the very few that made it.”

“It’s amazing how all of us in the RWU community managed to function very well in a rapidly changing world,” he said.

First and foremost, President Miaoulis credits RWU’s students. 

"We made it because of you," he said, citing students’ steadfast adherence overall to mask wearing and social distancing, as well as to following the University's frequent-testing protocol.

He particularly thanks students who went through isolation or quarantine, to help check any spread of the virus on campus. “I know it was a very hard experience. I want to thank you again for putting everybody’s safety first.”

President Miaoulis also credits faculty members’ resilience, and their commitment to serving students during such difficult times. “I know how challenging it is to provide instruction in-person and remote, and hybrid and online, and most of you did all of the above.”

And to staff members, whose service to students and efforts to keep the campus open and healthy, President Miaoulis said: “I know a lot of you had to do jobs you are not trained [in] on top of the jobs you already do, and you have done an incredible job.”

He extends a special thank you to everyone who volunteered in the testing center this semester. “Without you, I don’t think we would have had any chance for remaining open for the whole semester. Thank you, again.”

Wishing everyone a restorative Thanksgiving break, and looking ahead to next semester, President Miaoulis is excited, and optimistic.

“Hopefully, the conditions will be better for everyone, but we have proven we can do this very well.”