Duffy featured in Wisconsin, New York, Israel

One of Duffy’s works from 2004, Early Bird, was recently released in Niche magazine, and Israeli art and design journal.

Elizabeth Duffy, Professor of Art, had her work, "Maximum Security 50 States Project: Wisconsin," which included screen-printed papers that include images of prisons in each state in the US, in the exhibition Why Wallpaper at the Villa Terrace Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Featured artists include Alpha workshops, Elizabeth Duffy, Ebony G. Patterson, Francesco Simeti, Christine Tarkowski, Brigitte Zieger. Duffy’s work explores the culture of incarceration in the country.

Duffy’s work was also included in Soul Searching at DM Contemporary in New York from November 11-December 17. DM Contemporary is committed to be a platform for relevant art that embodies the mood and spirit of the moment. The exhibition features six artists—Colin Chase, Linda Cummings, Duffy, Susan Hamburger, Debra Priestly, Cheryl Yun—whose work directly addresses social, political and environmental issues.