Recreational Sailing

During the fall, current students, faculty, and staff are welcome to check out sailboats for recreational use free of charge. All recreational sailors must successfully pass an on-the-water check-out test and the swim test prior to being cleared to use the boats.

The check-out test includes demonstration of general sailing skills (Identify the wind direction, Rigging/derigging the FJ, Knots, Rules of the Road), boathandling skills (Leaving the dock /Landing at dock, Steering, Points of Sail, Safety Position, Tacking, Gybing, capsize recovery, Upwind sailing) and care of boats and equipment (Launching the boat, Care of boat at dock, Set sail and make boat ready, Haul, unrig and leave boat on dock, Roll sail). The swim test consists of swimming 100 yards and treading water for 10 minutes.

Sailors who have passed the check-out are entitled to unlimited use of the Flying Juniors during recreational sailing hours. All recreational sailing is subject to cancellation based on weather conditions. Boats are available on a first-come basis.


  • By Appointment Only
  • The Waterfront is open May 1 - October 31.

Rules and Safety

  1. Waterfront users must be able to swim at least 100 yards.
  2. Life jackets must be worn at all times when on the water.
  3. Never leave your boat after leaving the dock. If you capsize, stay with the boat until you are rescued or you right yourself.
  4. Lower your sail if you need assistance when away from the dock.
  5. All boats must return to the dock immediately if thunder is heard or lightning is seen.
  6. Alcohol is never allowed in the boats. The Waterfront staff reserves the right to search coolers and bags and any alcohol will be confiscated, Public Safety will be notified, and waterfront privileges revoked.
  7. Do not crash. Avoid collisions.
    1. All sailboats must stay away from kayaks and paddleboards.
    2. Stay away from very large boats which cannot easily steer away from you. Large tankers frequent the Mt. Hope Bay. They must be avoided at all cost. Sailing Area Sailors must stay north of the Mt. Hope Bridge and must keep the RWU dock in sight at all times. Land only at the RWU Sailing float or Learning Platform. There are private homes along the bay so it is important that sailors respect our neighbors and do not trespass on privately owned land or docks.