Kayaks and Paddleboards

Learn a new skill and explore the beauty of Mt. Hope Bay between classes or on your lunch break. Kayaking and paddle boarding are fun, stress relieving, and a great way to spend time with friends while taking advantage of the University's beautiful location.

There is no experience necessary. Our sit-on-top kayaks have a wide stable design that make them easy to use event for those without paddling experience. The kayaks can also handle the wide range of sea conditions that we often see on Mt. Hope Bay. Our Waterfront staff will give newcomers a brief orientation and provide tidal information before sending paddlers off.

First Come, First Serve

There are 9 single kayaks and 2 tandem kayaks available to the campus community on a first come, first serve basis. There are 2 paddleboards. Time blocks are up to 1 hour.

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Mt. Hope Bay is a beautiful and amazing natural resource. However, there are dangers from current, other traffic, and weather conditions. Please follow the instructions of the Waterfront Staff at all times and use common sense and safety when kayaking. Each kayak is equipped with a whistle.

Waterfront Hours

The Waterfront is open noon-5 pm Monday through Friday during the summer, and seven days per week during the academic year. All hours are weather permitting. Kayaks and paddle boards cannot be used when the wind is gusting more than 15 mph. The waterfront will be open until the end of October.

Waterfront Rules

  • Wear the provided life jacket at all times!
  • NO alcohol is allowed at the Waterfront. The Waterfront staff reserves the right to search coolers and bags and any alcohol will be confiscated, Public Safety will be notified, and waterfront privileges revoked.
  • Follow instructions of Waterfront Staff at all times. Our job is to keep you safe so please trust our decisions as they are in the interest of your own safety.
  • Respect the elements and equipment.


  • Please stay to the North of Campus (away from Bridge) and within sight of the RWU Learning platform.
  • Stay with-in 100 yards of the west shore (Campus side) and do not venture into the shipping channels in the middle of the bay. Large commercial traffic frequents the Bay and may not be able to see or avoid Kayakers.
  • Stay in your boat. There are private homes along the shoreline so it is important that Kayakers respect our neighbors and do not trespass on privately owned land to the North.

Any violation of these rules will result in an immediate suspension of kayaking privileges!