Juris Doctor/Bachelor's 3+3 Program (J.D.)

Earn your bachelor’s and juris doctor degrees in six years through RWU’s Three-Plus-Three Law program. You’ll get a jump-start on your J.D. by integrating law courses into your undergraduate studies and completing undergraduate requirements in your first year of law school.

This accelerated program allows eligible students to complete their bachelor's and Juris Doctor J.D. degrees in six years instead of seven. 

The Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree is a powerful key that opens the door to myriad career options. Prepared with a J.D., and powered by drive and ingenuity, the possibilities for today’s lawyers are endless.

  • Save Money
    Students save on tuition, housing, and related costs with a shorter duration of graduate study.
  • Save Time
    The 3+3 program cuts a year from graduate study, allowing students to enter the workforce and begin earning sooner than other programs.
  • Early acceptance and advisement
    Students participating in the 3+3 program apply during junior year and start graduate coursework in the senior year. The early courses provide a no-risk opportunity to take graduate classes without a significant financial commitment                                       
  • Convenience
    Students end up loving Roger for one reason or another. By pursuing a Bachelor’s Plus program, you can choose to continue to have the same great experience with a graduate degree program here.   

Degree Requirements



Students may select and pursue any undergraduate major; however, note that in rare cases, certain majors have requirements that may impact the accelerated timeline, such as engineering and architecture.

All majors in SJS, SHAE, and GSB are conducive to the accelerated pathway. Check with dean and/or advisor for majors in SSNS, SECCM, and the Cummings School of Architecture. 

Students must maintain a 3.2 cumulative undergraduate GPA with 90 credits and the LSAT completed by end of junior year to be eligible. Students must present no serious character and/or fitness issues. 


The coursework during first the first year of Law School will count toward completing undergraduate degree requirements and JD requirements.

3+3 students are required to take two legal studies prerequisites within the first three undergraduate years.


Notify advisor of intent to participate in program as early as possible, and no later than the end of first year, to inform course selection.

Students enrolled in the Program must apply to the School of Law during the fall of their junior year. It is recommended that they sit for the LSAT during the October administration but no later than the December LSAT test administration of that year. Students enrolled in the Program who satisfy all undergraduate requirements, who achieve an LSAT score that is at or above the School of Law's median accepted score for the previous year, and who present no serious character and fitness issues will be guaranteed admission to the Roger Williams University School of Law.

Students following the 3+3 program will be considered candidates for the bachelor's degree following the completion of the first year in law; i.e., the fourth year of the program. Such candidates for the bachelor's must file an application for degree with the University Registrar before registering for their fourth-year courses (first year Law School courses).

This program is administered through the School of Law. All students interested in applying to the program must adhere to published admission requirements by the School of Law.