Sargon Donabed

Sargon Donabed
Sargon Donabed, Ph.D.Associate Professor of History

Contact Information

x5380sdonabed@rwu.eduGHH 216

Areas of Expertise

Assyrian Studies; Iraq; Indigenous Studies; Minorities in the Middle East; Eastern Christianity; Mythology; Comparative Religion; Immigration History; Animal Studies


Ph.D. University of Toronto B.A. Stonehill College

Sargon George Donabed is Associate Professor of History at Roger Williams University where he teaches history and culture of Middle Eastern communities as well as comparative religious studies, folklore, and myth. Dr. Donabed completed his PhD at the department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto in 2010. He serves on the advisory board of the journal Chronos, published by the University of Balamand in Lebanon and the Modern Assyrian Research Archive (MARA), and is also the editor for Alternative Histories: Narratives from the Middle East and Mediterranean. He is the co-organizer of the biannual Roger Williams University Conference on Religion and the State. He is a 2010 The American Academic Research Institute in Iraq (TAARII) fellow based on the project Documenting the Oral Folk Epic of Qatine Gabbara: Translation, Historical and Cultural Analysis, and Transmission. Donabed is also published in a variety of journals from Folklore to National Identities and has authored and edited numerous books including Reforging a Forgotten History: Iraq and the Assyrians in the 20th Century (Edinburgh University Press, 2015); co-author of Assyrians of Eastern Massachusetts (MA) (Images of America) (Arcadia Publishing, 2006); co-editor of Religion and the State: Europe and North America in the 17th and 18th centuries (Lexington Books, 2012) and co-editor and contributor to The Assyrian Heritage: Threads of Continuity and Influence (Uppsala University, 2012). His work takes him around the world regularly and has researched and presented at conferences most frequently in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. He regularly explores history and culture as well as mythology, folklore, and wisdom literature of a variety of time periods. His modern focus consists of indigenous and marginalized communities but also continuity from the ancient to the modern period. Currently his studies center on cultures in contact. In particular, he is an expert on the perennial history of Assyria/Mesopotamia and its culture. Dr. Donabed is an avid adventurer and enjoys yoga and martial arts, soccer as well as almost every other sport imaginable (pending definition of course). And while definitions are feeble interpretations of reality, he would prefer to identify with his love of nature and focus on animal rights as well as wildlife and environmental conservation. He is also currently completing a MS in Anthrozoology under the direction of Paul Waldau at Canisius College.

Some more works written by Professor Donabed:

Reforging a Forgotten History: Iraq and the Assyrians in the 20th Century (Edinburgh University Press, 2015)

Assyrians of Eastern Massachussets (MA) (Images of America) (Arcadia Publishing, 2006)