I Dictate The Narrative of My Life: Career Pathways in Action

Autumn Johnson celebrates her graduation from the Career Pathways Program with her son.

Autumn Johnson

Career Pathways Program

Autumn Johnson graduated from University College's Career Pathways Program in January of 2020. She shared her success story in her own words. 

"Dropping out of high school at the age of sixteen, my life was pretty stagnant. I was bouncing from job to job and didn’t feel like I had much of a purpose. That was until I had the opportunity to participate in the Pathways program at University College, Roger Williams University. 

Within a short period of time I was able to yank myself out of the horrible rut I spent years in. Slowly but surely I started to get my groove back and I owe a lot of that growth to this program and the amazing support and encouragement I received from all of the instructors and coordinators, that in my opinion, went well above and beyond their actual job duties to help all the participants attain what we wanted to accomplish.

Personally, I will always have an abundance of gratitude for Roger Williams University, University College and most importantly the people behind the scenes that make this program come to life. This program truly exceeded my expectations and helped show me what I am capable of. The thought of my future was extremely daunting and would keep me up at night. I cannot say that is true anymore. I have been given the resources and tools I need to help manifest my visions of my future into the reality of my future.  This program has helped show me that I dictate the narrative of my life, no one else and with that being said, I was able to secure a full time job at a very successful law firm just a few weeks after my graduation date."