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Students in the Psychology program will learn the methods and skills that enable them to evaluate published research and think critically about their own ideas and those of others. They are prepared to apply these methods to the problems of community and of the larger society. They are capable of tolerance for the views of others and able to appreciate the value of diversity.

With skilled mental health professionals in increasing demand as practitioners, the Psychology program at RWU prepares students to pursue graduate study in Psychology and other fields, or to enter any number of careers where these skillsets are applicable, including human resources, management, marketing, education and the mental health professions.

Roger Williams University offers a Bachelor of Science as well as a 4 + 1 B.A./ Psychology, with the master's portion of the degree in forensic psychology.


Student Learning Outcomes

  1. To encourage the development in our students of a deep and broad knowledge base in the discipline of Psychology
  2. To help students to develop skills needed to design and evaluate research
  3. To foster critical thinking in our students
  4. To enhance students’ appreciation of diversity
  5. To promote students’ awareness of ethical issues in Psychology
  6. To prepare students for success in a wide‐range of careers, including graduate study