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Residence Damage Deposit

This charge is accessed to all students who reside on campus, the charge is posted for the fall semester only. This charge is reversed on the students account by June 30 of the applicable school year.

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Number of Credit Hours

Students who take more than the standard 20 credit hours must pay for each additional credit hour.

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 Health Insurance Information

Health Insurance Information
(Waiver and Voluntary Enrollment Procedure) can be found at:

Payment of Charges

Charges are due and payable July 1, for the fall semester and January 2, for the spring semester. Payment may be made in cash, personal check or money order. Roger Williams University uses an outside company, Tuition Management Systems, to process your Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit and debit card payments.There is a 2.99% convenience fee on all credit and debit card payments.

The University considers each student responsible for payment of all charges. A student will not be permitted to pre-register until all outstanding balances and or prior tuition and all other charges have been paid in full. Students upon registering agree to be responsible for any collection costs incurred by the University in conjunction with the delinquency of their account.

It is illegal in Rhode Island to present checks which your bank will not honor. The University will re-deposit returned checks once. The subsequent return of your check to the University will result in your account being put on a cash basis and possible cancellation of your registration, housing, and dining privileges. No personal checks will be allowed to replace returned checks. The account must be settled with cash, bank check, or money order.

All students will be charged for handling of returned checks. The fine schedule is: 1st return, $25 and 2nd return, $30.

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Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Any applicable credit to reduce tuition charges for students who leave the University will be granted upon presentation of the approved and signed official withdrawal form for either a complete withdrawal from the University or from a specific course. The withdrawal process uses the following schedule.

From the beginning date of the fall and spring semesters:

  • Before the first day of class 100% of Tuition Room and Board, fees non-refundable
  • Within the first week 100% credit of Tuition, Forfeit One Week Room and Board, fees non-refundable.
  • Within the second week 80% credit of Tuition, Room and Board, fees non-refundable.
  • Within the third week 60% credit of Tuition, Room and Board, fees non-refundable.
  • Within the fourth week 40% credit of Tuition, Room and Board, fees non-refundable.
  • After the fourth week No refund.

Any outstanding balance on the students account is deducted from the tuition credit. All student fees, room and board charges are for a full semester and are not refundable. Students who are suspended or expelled from the university during the academic year are responsible for all charges related to the semester in which the suspension or expulsion occurred. Any credit, which would result in a refund due the student, as authorized by the Bursar will require approximately three weeks to process.

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Change of Address

A student must complete a change of address form in the Office of the Registrar whenever a change is made to his/her local or mailing address regarding all University correspondence. Students may also request their billing statements be issued to a separate address. This request must be made at the Office of the Bursar.

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Statement of Account

Student's can view their statements on line using their myRWU account. Please be advised, the Office of the Bursar will email billing statements approximately every 28 days. Students are automatically signed up to receive ebill and must set up a passwork as well as add any authorized payers to the ebill system. See the Register/View EBill tab on the Bursar website for more information. The billing statements will be consecutive and not cumulative throughout the semester. The dates on each billing statement will run in subsequent order. When a family has contracted with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) payments are due on the first of the month.

These payments are processed at TMS and then sent to RWU at the end of the same month. Therefore, billing statements may not reflect ALL of the payments made to Tuition Management Systems. Manual deductions need to be made to determine the actual balance if any, on the student bursar account.

The Office of the Bursar acts as a "bulletin board" for charges to post to your bursar account. Charges or fees not associated with tuition or the mandatory semester fee are derived from other areas of the campus community.

Please use the information listed below when questioning billing charges associated with other departments on campus!


Housing, including residence hall damage charges &/or meal plan charges should be directed to: The Department of Student Life at 401-254-3161.

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Parking Fines

The department of Public Safety at 401-254-4358.

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Financial Aid Questions

The Office of Student Financial Aid and Financial Planning at 401-254-3100 Financial Aid includes the following items:

  • Stafford Loans both subsidized and unsubsidized.
  • Pell Grants.
  • Supplemental Grants.
  • All loan programs including Parent Plus and Family Education Loans (FEL).
  • Anything regarding your award letter issued from the Office of Student Financial Aid and Financial Planning.
  • Tax information or FAFSA concerns!

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Health Service Charges

The Department of Health Services at 401-254-3156

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Semester Fees

Semester Fees - include but are not limited to the following activities:

  • Sponsorship of Student Activities, Organizations and Clubs
  • Sports Facilities, Recreation Center Use
  • Participation in intramural and Recreation programs, and Varsity Sports
  • Educational Events and Speakers brought on Campus
  • Use of Health Services
  • Computer Technology Services
  • Convocation, Graduation and Commencement activities
  • Career Center Services, workshops, panel presentations and events
  • Academic Support and disability support programs
  • Tutoring Support Services
  • Various Transportation Services

The semester fee is charged twice during the academic year Fall and Spring.


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