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  • Communication & Media Studies

Communication is at the heart of everything, from how we create and maintain relationships to how we generate and distribute messages and information in our communities, in the workplace and around the world. Communication is essential to our identity and our culture. Within the framework of a sound liberal arts education, the Department of Communication offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Media Studies, to help prepare students for careers in a wide variety of fields and industries. All Communication majors should have excellent writing and verbal skills and should display a critical curiosity about the world.

The Communication & Media Studies major recognizes that communication does not occur in a vacuum and is always situated in a cultural context. It is designed to help students develop an awareness of this cultural interplay, helping them become competent and sensitive global citizens who can adapt and navigate successfully in this ever-changing, cross-cultural environment.

The internship is integral to all Communication majors. Junior and senior students complete an apprenticeship at more than 30 nearby organizations including newspapers, radio, network and cable television, public relations agencies and not-for-profit organizations.

Student Learning Outcomes

The curriculum of the Communication & Media Studies major speaks directly to the applied and theoretical missions of its major academic bodies. Similar to NCA, ICA and IAMCR, its objectives are to teach theories, models, and concepts that investigate the relationship between culture and communication in a global context, to understand the dynamics related to traditional and interactive media so as to develop appropriate applied skills, to enhance and foster research, writing and critical thinking skills, creativity, rhetorical analysis and problem solving abilities relevant to the study of culture and communication, cultivate a concern for communication ethics, social justice, and civic responsibility.

Student learning outcomes (including clear statement of expected student learning outcomes in the areas of knowledge, skills, and competencies). Students undertaking a major in Communication & Media Studies

  • Learn theories, models, and concepts that investigate the relationship between
  • Develop research skills relevant to the study of culture and communication;
  • Cultivate a concern for communication ethics, social justice and civic responsibility;
  • Understand the dynamics related to communication technologies and new media and develop appropriate applied skills; and
  • Enhance and foster writing skills, critical thinking skills, creativity and problem-solving abilities.

To this end, development and planning for the undergraduate program emphasizes the building of both theoretical knowledge and the application of what has been learned to new situations.