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Minor Professional and Public Writing

This minor aims to prepare students to write confidently and effectively in professional and public situations. Students can choose to focus on professional writing, where they analyze and produce genres required by employers; public writing, where they study and engage in meaningful social action through written texts; or a combination of courses tailored to the student’s own interests. Students will write purposefully, imaginatively, and persuasively in, across, and beyond their college courses. The minor provides excellent preparation for students whether they are pursuing graduate school, law school, or want a significant edge in the professional world or within their communities.

Requirements for the Minor in Professional and Public Writing:

WTNG 102 Expository Writing  

Select two (2) WTNG courses at the 200 Level of above from the following list of courses,/p>

WTNG 200 Critical Writing for the Humanities and the Social Sciences*  
WTNG 220 Critical Writing for the Professions*  
WTNG 230 Rhetoric of Film: Writing about Film*  
WTNG 250 Advanced Composition*  
WTNG 270 Travel Writing*  
WTNG 299 Special Topics in Writing *  

Select two (2) WTNG courses at the 300 Level or above from the following list of courses

WTNG 300 Rhetoric in a Global Context*  
WTNG 301 The Rhetoric of Narrative*  
WTNG 302 Art of Writing: Forms of the Essay*  
WTNG 303 Environmental Rhetoric*  
WTNG 305 Writing the City*  
WTNG 311 Technical Writing*  
WTNG 320 Writing for Business Organizations*  
WTNG 321 Multimodal Writing in Public Spheres*  
WTNG 322 Advancing Public Argument*  

Select one (1) course at the 400 Level or above from the following list of courses

WTNG 400 Writing for Social Change  
WTNG 430 Special Topics  
WTNG 460 Writing Studies Internship  
WTNG 470 The Writing Thesis/Portfolio  

*This course meets the 200 level University writing requirement for the Core Curriculum.