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    Center For Economic & Environmental Development

    The Center for Economic and Environmental Development (CEED) was established in 1997 through a $2 million grant from the Economic Development Administration of the Department of Commerce. The Center was created to promote the environmentally sustainable development of marine and maritime industries in Rhode Island (e.g., boat building, marina operations, ecotourism, etc.) with a particular emphasis on aquaculture. Funds from the original grant were used in the construction of the MNS (née CEED) building to establish the facilities (wet lab, research lab and dock) central to CEED activities. Since then, CEED has grown substantially as research prospects and funding were identified and instituted. Most CEED projects fall under the broad category of "applied marine science" in which we work with our students on real-world problems at the intersection of economic development and environmental stewardship.

    Mark Gould

    Dr. Mark D. Gould

    The Center for Economic and Environmental Development was founded and first directed by the late Mark Gould, Ph.D.

    Mark Gould Memorial Scholarship and Research Fund


    Aquatic Diagnostic Laboratory

    The laboratory focuses on diseases of aquatic animals including fish and shellfish of all types, with a concentration on diseases of bivalve mollusks.


    Dockside Aquaculture Program & Practical Shellfish Farming Course

    Grow, Eat Your Own Oysters: Dockside Aquaculture to Equip Recreational Oyster Farmers.