Our Vision

In order to build the university the world needs now, we draw inspiration from our namesake and reflect upon our unique history to chart a visionary course for the future of Roger Williams University.

Just as Roger Williams himself fearlessly advocated for freedom of conscience, equality and tolerance to help improve his community, RWU prides itself on being an innovative, forward-thinking institution devoted to strengthening society through engaged teaching and learning.

In 2015, the entire University community participated in a conversation about our direction as our institution. Through the Vision Project, Roger Williams University defined the core values and core purpose that guides our mission.

Vision.jpgOur Mission

Building upon the foundation of our core purpose – to strengthen society through engaged teaching and learning – RWU launched a set of bold goals as a roadmap for the future. As a private university with a public purpose, Roger Williams University is putting our philosophy into action by:

  • Making a great education possible through investments in excellence in faculty, facilities and technology, while holding the line on cost.
  • Working with local and global communities to address problems that matter most to society.
  • Pledging an experiential learning guarantee that provides our graduates opportunities to bridge theory and practice through community-engaged work and civic scholarship.
  • Preparing all our students to fulfill their potential as lifelong learners, professionals and citizens.
  • Meeting the higher education needs of dedicated and aspiring learners of all ages and career stages where they are.
  • Hiring faculty and staff, and recruiting students, who mirror the diversity of our region.
  • Welcoming and valuing all expressions of identity and diversity, and actively promoting inclusion and preparing students to challenge societal norms and to thrive in a culturally diverse and global society.
  • Promoting sustainability as a core principle on the campus and in the community.

As we move forward on achieving these objectives we will advance the University's Goal to Build the University the World Needs Now.