Rules & Regulations

Visitor parking lots 11 (LOT BEHIND REC CENTER CLOSEST TO TURF FIELD) & 1 (admission/alumni house) are off limits at all times TO ALL STUDENTS AND EMPLOYEES OF THE UNIVERSITY.


  1. Permit Required: All cars parked on the Roger Williams University campus that are owned or operated by employees or students of the University must have a parking permit affixed permanently to the outside lower left corner of the front windshield (driver’s side). All cars without valid parking permits or permits not properly displayed may be cited and fined at least $100.00 and/or towed at owner/operator expense. Students may not obtain a permit for a vehicle that is registered to another student or another student’s family/guardian.
  2. Visitors: All visitor vehicles are required to have a valid Roger Williams University one day parking pass displayed at all times. Passes are available at the main gate and are valid on the date of issue only. Visitors who will be staying on campus overnight are required to be signed in by the student they are staying with as outlined below under “Guest Parking”.
  3. Unregistered Vehicles: All vehicles not registered with Public Safety that has received 3 or more citations are subject to being booted and/or towed in order to ascertain the owner/operator.
    a.   The vehicle will be booted unless there are no boots available, in which case it will be towed.
    i.    The owner/operator is responsible for all towing and/or storage fees and must settle all such debts directly with the towing company.
    b.   A valid photo ID and vehicle registration is required to have the boot removed from the vehicle.
    i.    If the vehicle belongs to a guest, the guest must identify the student they are visiting and that student must verify that they are responsible for the guest.
    c.   Failure to produce proper ID and/or identify or verify the student sponsor may subject the violator to the following:
    i.    Vehicle not being released;
    ii.   Revocation of future parking privileges if an RWU student;
    iii.  Guests will be issued a citation for trespass and filed with the Bristol Police, in accordance with Rhode Island laws and regulations;
    iv.  Referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards; or
    v.   Additional sanctions
    d.   Should the vehicle be found to belong to a freshman student all violations will be $100.00.  Resident freshman students who receive 4 violations in their freshman year will be unable to obtain a pass during their sophomore year.
    e. A booted vehicle that has been left unclaimed for a period of two (2) days or longer shall be subject to towing at the owner/operator expense.
  4. Enforcement  Visitor parking lots 11(LOT BEHIND REC CENTER CLOSEST TO TURF FIELD) & 1 (admission/alumni house) are off limits at all times TO ALL STUDENTS AND EMPLOYEES OF THE UNIVERSITY..
    a.   Permit color zone regulations are enforced 7:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday
    i.    Exceptions to this rule are Handicapped spaces, “Fire Lanes”, “No Parking Zones”, Visitor Lots (Lot 1 and Lot 11), parking lots or spaces that are temporarily closed or reserved for University related “special events” and University-designated reserved parking spaces and which all are strictly enforced at all times.
    ii.   Vehicles must be moved to their designated parking areas prior to 7am Monday through Friday. Vehicles not moved will be considered in violation and will be subject to citations and fines and/or towed at owner/operator expense.
    b.   Officers are authorized to issue citations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All parking regulations are in effect during summer break, winter break, spring break, move in/out, mid-terms, and finals.
    c.   Public Safety Officers are authorized, but not limited, to perform the following:
    i.    Citation, tow, or immobilize vehicles that violate these regulations.
    ii.   Citation, tow, or immobilize vehicles based on information relayed by other officers.
    iii.  Stop vehicles in violation of these regulations. However, Public Safety Officers are not authorized to engage in vehicle pursuits.
    iv.  Immobilize or take the keys to vehicles operated by persons endangering the welfare of others.
    v.   Immobilize or tow vehicles as requested by the Bristol or Portsmouth Police Departments.
    vi.  Deny access to any non-registered guest
  5.  Regulation Parking Space: A parking space is designated by two white or yellow painted lines.  Double parking is not authorized.  Only one vehicle shall be parked in each designated space.  Vehicles shall not be parked in a manner blocking other cars, walkways, dumpsters, doorways, delivery entrances and emergency vehicle access, and are subject to towing at the owner/operator expense.
  6. No Parking Zones: “No Parking Zones” include all areas that are not within the marked boundaries of a parking space.  This includes, but is not limited to, yellow curbed areas, cross walks, entrances and exits, sidewalks, grass areas, both sides of the roadway around Bayside, the Bayside Arch and Quad areas, triangle shaped spaces and along curbed areas without marked spaces.  Parking for any amount of time in a “No Parking Zone” will not be tolerated.
  7. Fire Lanes: “Fire Lanes” include all areas that are not within the marked boundaries of a parking space that may impede emergency vehicle access.  This includes, but is not limited to, marked fire lanes, roadways, and parking in such a manner as to obstruct access within a parking lot.  Parking for any amount of time in a “Fire Lane” will not be tolerated. Vehicles found in violation will be cited and fined $100 and/or towed at owner/operator expense.  If you are not parked between two lines assume you are in a “Fire Lane”