Report Incident

How to report a Bias Incident/Hate Crime as a victim or a witness

The Roger Williams University community is committed to preserving the dignity and safety of its members. Any form of bias incident or hate crime will not be tolerated.

If you believe you have been a victim of a bias incident or hate crime or have witnessed such a situation, please report it to one of the following on or off-campus offices:

  • RWU Department of Public Safety
    (401) 254-3611
  • RWU Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards 
    (401) 254-3042
  • RWU Resident Assistant or CORE
    see duty calendar
  • Bristol Police Department
    (401) 253-6900
  • Portsmouth Police Department
    (401) 683-1155

While in the process of reporting the incident, please do not touch any evidence: i.e.: don’t clean up the vandalism or destroy any written messages.  When you report these situations, you can include your name or remain anonymous. We are sensitive about the need for confidentiality in every situation that is being investigated. Speed and accuracy are critical, so please report the incident as quickly as possible!

Confidential Reporting Form

You can also feel free to directly contact any of the following campus resources to discuss a potential bias incident or hate crime.  Several of these offices also provide education and training resources related to bias incidents and hate crimes.

  • RWU Intercultural Center
    (401) 254-3121
  • RWU Counseling Center
    (401) 254-3124
  • RWU Women’s Center
    (401) 254-3294
  • RWU Office of Residence Life and Housing
    (401) 254-3161
  • RWU Dean of Students Office
    (401) 254-3161
  • RWU Human Resources
    (401) 254-3028