Outgoing Mail

All university mail shall be shipped from the Mail Center. The preparation of outgoing mail requires proper addressing. Mailing labels shall be prepared by the sender for express or expedited mail, and the completion of mailing receipts for certified, insured, delivery confirmation, and registered mail.

The mail center has supplies of all necessary express, priority, certified and other mailing receipts to handle normal circumstances. However we do not provide first class stamps, padded envolopes, packing materials, etc. These items can currently be purchased at the campus bookstore.

All Overnight Express Mail and any other foreign mailing must be kept separate from domestic mail to insure the proper rating of postage is attached to the mail piece.

Any Foreign Packet, package, or envelope over 16 ounces require a customs declaration form. In addition any mail piece sent to an APO or FPO address weighing over 16 ounces also requires a customs declaration in accordance with postal and FAA requirements.

Return addresses are required on all mail pieces. The address should have at least a minimum of either a person's name or the Department name.

  • USPS
    2:00 p.m. pickup at mailroom
  • UPS
    10:00 AM
    3:30 PM
  • DHL
    12:00 Noon