Establishing a fund for a conference

To define the Roger Williams University and School of Law (collectively referred to as the “University”) procedures for establishing a conference fund account

This policy applies to new GL requests for conference accounts

Roger Williams University hereby adopts this conference account procedure to ensure that the University carries out the University’s mission effectively

Internal conference events:
Twelve funds are current non-operating funds designated for a particular purpose used primarily for short-term programs such as a symposium or an on campus conference where it is necessary to capture the income and expenses of the activity. Only RWU internal conferences and programs can be established as a twelve fund. A general ledger request must be approved by a Dean before it is submitted to Finance. The Dean will guarantee that any program shortfall will be charged to a departmental operating account.

External conference events:
When RWU serves as host for an outside organization, a liability account will be established since the revenue and expense activity is merely passing through RWU. At the conclusion of the program, a check will be sent to the sponsoring organization to zero out the liability account.