FAQs - Finance

How can I request a copy of the University's audited financial statement?

To request a copy of the Roger Williams University audited financial statement, please send your request to financeoffice@rwu.edu.

How are budgets established?

There are three major budget components:

Capital Expenditures (Capex), New Personnel including Faculty and Staff, and Operating Expenses. Deans and directors submit requests for operating expenses and new personnel. Facilities collaborates with deans and directors to determine needs for building improvements. IT meets with each area to coordinate software and hardware requests, upgrades and renewals. Other equipment requests are submitted by Deans and directors.

What are the timelines for budget preparation?

Our fiscal year ends June 30 and we begin shortly after the start of the fiscal year.

  • New Faculty - August thru September
  • Initial submission due August 1
  • Capex- August thru October
  • Initial submission due September 15
  • New Personnel- October thru December
  • Initial submission due October 15
  • Operating Expenses- Mid January - March
  • Initial submission due February 1

How are budgets monitored?

Deans and directors are proactive in reviewing budgets compared to actual spending to date. The finance department holds quarterly one on one budget meetings.

How is budget information made available?

Monthly budget reports are emailed to deans and directors. Real time access is available via campus cruiser.

How do I obtain access to campus cruiser?

The Finance Office sets up access with approval from the deans and directors. IT establishes Datatel and Campus Cruiser logins.

Can I make changes to my approved budget?

Generally budgets are not adjusted unless there is a significant change in programs. Transfers are only allowed within the three major categories: capex, payroll and operating.

Who do I contact?

John G. Borden
Budget Manager
(401) 254-3895