Portable Electric Heater and Open Flame Policy

Roger Williams University (RWU) recognizes that individuals have different levels of comfort associated with temperature and heat. However, portable electric heaters are a potential source of fire if not utilized properly.

The requirements in the RWU Portable Electric Heater Policy, applicable fire and life safety codes, and manufacturer’s recommendations must be followed to maintain a safe environment.

Space heaters are not intended for use as a permanent heating appliance.  Approved space heaters are intended to temporarily supplement an office area’s heating needs until a permanent solution to correct the area’s heating problem is identified, or as an authorized emergency use measure when a building’s normal heating system fails. 

If a space cannot be adequately heated via the installed building heating system, contact the RWU Office of Facilities Management (401.254.3136); if the installed system cannot be repaired in a timely manner, Facilities may recommend a temporary space heater meeting the requirements listed below. 

Where space heaters are permitted, owners/users are responsible for their proper use.  The Roger Williams University Department of Environmental Health & Safety reserves the right to inspect and declare "unapproved" any space heater that creates a hazard or is inappropriate to a particular location based on specific circumstances, or code and/or legal requirements.   

Download/View the RWU Portable Electric Heater and Open Flame Policy