Reporting Procedures for Suspected Natural Gas Odor and Leaks

If you suspect there may be a natural gas leak in your area:

Use Your Senses - Are One or More Of These Signs Present?

  • Smell: Natural gas is colorless and odorless, so a distinctive, pungent odor, similar to rotten eggs, is added so that you will recognize it quickly. However, not all transmission lines are odorized!
  • Sight: You may see a white cloud, mist, fog, or bubbles in standing water or blowing dust. You may also see vegetation that appears to be dead or dying for no apparent reason.
  • Sound: You may hear an unusual noise like roaring, hissing or whistling.

If you Suspect a Leak:

  • Move: To a safe environment.
  • Call: Public Safety at x3333, or 401-254-3333. Provide the exact location of the suspected leak. 
  • Do Not: Assume someone else will report the condition.