Emergency Communications

Throughout the college search process, you have likely – whether you’re a prospective student or parent – given careful consideration to safety and security measures on each campus you’ve visited. In today’s world, it’s imperative that you do. Keeping our campus safe for all of our students, faculty and staff is a priority for Roger Williams University.

RWU has taken a number of steps to ensure that its ability to respond to an emergency situation – whether natural or manmade – is as advanced as possible.

RWU Alert

RWU utilizes a service called RWU Alert which serves as the University’s primary communications tool for alerting campus community members to urgent situations. When activated, the system sends phone, e-mail and text messages nearly instantaneously so that students, faculty and staff members won’t be in the dark when it comes to incidents that could affect their safety. Students are automatically registered when they enroll at RWU; the only action required on their part is to keep their contact information up to date through the University’s student services web portal. Instructions for updating this contact information can be found here (please note that there are separate instructions for students, staff, and faculty users).

Emergency Siren Warning System

Even with today’s technology, sometimes the most effective means of notifying an entire campus community simultaneously is through a much more traditional method. In early 2009, RWU completed installation of an emergency siren warning system that can broadcast an alarm tone and voice instructions to all parts of campus when activated in the event of a potentially life-threatening emergency. While the system will be activated rarely – for such situations as a sudden, dangerous lightning storm, a chemical spill or a hostile intruder – the siren will serve as a critical tool in alerting the community to an emergency situation.