Undergrad Prior Rates 2021-22: students enrolled prior to fall ’19

***These rates are for returning students enrolled prior to fall 2019***

Below are 2021-2022 rates for students who entered RWU in the academic years between fall 2012 and spring 2019. RWU continues to honor its commitment to Affordable Excellence. If applicable, your account has a tuition freeze (rate-lock). Please carefully read the Affordable Excellence tuition freeze details below to determine if your tuition is frozen. If you are no longer rate-locked, you will be charged the current year rates available here: new rates.

Tuition & Fees - Prior 2021-2022

Please note: These are estimated charges based on standard tuition, fees, room & board for full-time students in an Undergraduate Day program. See below for more detailed rate information.

A full-time, undergraduate day student is defined as a student enrolled in an undergraduate program, 12 to 19 credits per semester. Day students who have written authorization to take more than 19 credits (overload) will be charged the per credit rate for each additional credit over 19.

2021-2022 Health Insurance Rates (if applicable) *YearSpring Only
  Health Insurance       $2,321$1,304

* All full-time undergraduate students (both residential and commuter) and all international students must be covered by an adequate health insurance policy. Those who are covered under an existing health insurance plan may waive the University sponsored student health insurance. To waive, submit proof of adequate coverage at: rwu.edu/go/insurance no later than August 15, 2021.

Affordable Excellence Tuition Freeze 2012 - 2018

Over the span of seven academic years from fall 2012 through spring 2019 Roger Williams University instituted the Affordable Excellence tuition freeze. This freeze guarantees that tuition rates will not increase for four years for any full-time undergraduate day student who enrolled during the applicable time period and remains continuously enrolled.  Full details are outlined below*:

—RWU has FROZEN TUITION for full-time, undergraduate day students who enrolled between the 2012 and 2019 academic years and GUARANTEED that price for all who remain continuously enrolled, full-time over the next one, two or three years, depending on their current class level.

—RWU has FROZEN TUITION for full-time students in the Architecture 4+2 BS/MS program who enrolled between the 2012 and 2019 academic years and GUARANTEED that price for all who remain continuously enrolled, full-time over the next one to five years, depending on their current class level.

—Students enrolled in any joint-degree programs other than Architecture will be guaranteed the undergraduate tuition for up to four years (eight semesters) depending on their current class level. When they move to graduate student status, they will be charged whatever the current graduate tuition is for that year.

* A full-time, undergraduate day student is defined as a student enrolled in an undergraduate program, 12 to 19 credits per semester.

For the purposes of determining eligibility for the tuition guarantee, a year is defined as two semesters.

Continuous enrollment is defined as enrollment for consecutive fall and spring semesters beginning with the first semester of enrollment. Winter intersession, summer terms and Continuing Studies courses do not count for or against a student’s maximum semesters of continuous enrollment and will be charged at the current, existing rate.

Special Circumstances

—Students on a University-approved medical leave of one semester will be allowed to return at the guaranteed tuition level. They may appeal for up to one additional semester of leave, but it must be taken contiguous to the first semester of leave. University-approved leave will not count when calculating a student’s maximum semesters of guaranteed tuition.

—Students participating in a study abroad experience/experiences who return to campus for the following semester will be allowed to return at the guaranteed tuition level. Any study abroad semester(s) will be counted as a semester/semesters of enrollment.

—Students on disciplinary suspension, who then return, will return at the incoming new student tuition rate for that year.

—Students who withdraw and then return, will return at the incoming new student tuition rate for that year.

2021-2022 Undergraduate Supplemental Fees 

Supplemental Fees (if applicable) 
Aesthetics Field Trip (per course)$50
Architectural Studio for non-architecture students (per semester)$2,437
Audit Charge (per course)$477
Laboratory Fee (per course)$300
Late Payment Fee (per semester)$325
Music Lab/Instrument and/or Voice Lessons on-campus *$727
Music Lab/Instrument and/or Voice Lessons off-campus **$967
Parking Permit (annually)$197
Room Security Deposit (annually)$350

* These fees are waived for declared Music majors who demonstrate a satisfactory rate of progress in the Music program.
** The RWU portion of these fees is waived for declared Music majors who demonstrate a satisfactory rate of progress in the Music program. All students must pay the off-campus fee of $240.

2021-2022 Undergraduate Returning Student Housing Rates 

Room TermYear
Traditional Residence Halls  
2 Person Apartment (Shared)$6,369$12,738
3 Person Apartment (Shared)$6,369$12,738
5-6 Person Apartment (Shared)$6,369$12,738
5 Person Apartment (Private)$6,984$13,968
Private Apartment$7,366$14,732
2 Person Apartment (Flats)$6,369$12,738
3 Person Apartment (Buildings)$5,940$11,880
4 Person Apartment (Double-Larger)$6,369$12,738
4 Person Apartment (Double-Smaller)$5,940$11,880
3 Person Townhouse (Double-Larger)$6,369$12,738
3 Person Townhouse (Private-Smaller)$6,984$13,968
North Campus  
Suite (Single)$5,875$11,750
Suite (Double)$4,883$9,766
Apartment (Private)$7,366$14,732
3 Person Apartment (Shared)$6,446$12,892
Apartment (Shared)$6,446$12,892

2021-2022 Undergraduate Returning Student Meal Plan Rates 

Meal PlanTermYear
Full Meal Plan     
200 Block$3,874$7,748
225 Block$3,974$7,948
230 Block$3,874$7,748
Partial Meal Plans  
125 Block Plus$1,982$3,964
Commuter Plan$536$1,072
Please note: Full Meal Plans are mandatory for traditional residence halls, Baypoint and North Campus suites. All meal plans are optional for Almeida, Bayside, North Campus apartments and commuter students.

2021-2022 Undergraduate Winter & Summer Session Rates

Winter Intersession  4 week December 27, 2021 - January 21, 2022
Summer Sessions 2021 Dates below 2022 TBD
21/SM full session May 25, 2021 - August 13, 2021
21/S1 3 week May 25, 2021 - June 11, 2021
21/S2 5 week May 25, 2021 - June 25, 2021
21/S3 5 week Jun 21, 2021 - July 23, 2021
21/S4 7 week Jun 21, 2021 - August 5, 2021
21/S5 5 week July 5, 2021 - August 5, 2021
Winter & Summer 2022 Tuition & Fees 
Standard Tuition
Day Program Course (3 credit)$1,578
Day Program Course (4 credit)$2,104
On-Line Course (3 credit)$1,299
On-Line Course (4 credit)$1,732
Directed Seminar (3 credit)$1,299
Co-Op Education (3 credit)$1,299
Independent Study (3 credit)$1,299
External (3 credit)$1,299
Internship (3 credit)$1,299
Architecture Tuition
UG Architecture Summer Studio (5 credit)$5,540
Grad Architecture Summer Studio (5 credit)$8,395
Supplemental Fees  (if applicable)
Aesthetics Field Trip Fee$50
Audit Fee per course$477
Laboratory Fee (per course)$300
Late Fee$325
Summer 2021 Room & Meal Plan Rates (2022 TBD)   
Room full session7 week5 week3 week
Bayside - 1 Bedroom 2 Person Apt $1,450$950$730$440
Bayside - Quad 5/6 Person Apt $1,450$950$730$440
Bayside - Private 5 Person Apt $1,750$1,100$875$525
Continuous Housing     
Beginning of Session (May)   $100 
End of Session (August)   $500 
Optional Meal Plan     
15 Block Plan (15 meals)   $125 
30 Block Plan (30 meals)   $230 
Winter 2021 Room & Meal Plan Rates (2022 TBD)   
Traditional Residence Halls   
Maple, Cedar, Willow, Baypoint, North Campus Suite, Stonewall$1,200
Meal Plan Mandatory$1,320
Apartment Style Residence Halls   
Bayside, Almeida, North Campus Apartment$1,920
Meal Plan Optional$1,320

Withdrawal Refund Policy 

RWU tuition, fees and other related charges are approved by the RWU Board of Trustees annually.  RWU faculty and staff have designed and adapted many aspects of the traditional campus experiences and classroom instruction for our students, all of which factor into our cost and pricing decisions for the university and its program inclusive of School of Law and University College programs. RWU continues to make significant investments in technology, training, and safety and health resources, which have been made available to ensure the continued quality educational experience for our students, whether in person or remotely accessed. Consistent with our past policies, tuition and mandatory fees will not be adjusted based on the instructional method and/or mode of academic delivery or any other changes or disruptions that may occur during the academic year such as adjustments to instructional content, schedules or the duration of the semester, inability to access Roger Williams University-maintained facilities, or cancellation of activities, events, services or programs. Tuition and mandatory fees will not be refunded in whole or in part for any reason, except as expressly provided for under the refund policy [https://www.rwu.edu/who-we-are/administrative-offices/bursar/resources-forms/policies-bursar/refund-policy]. By paying the tuition and mandatory fees, the student and anyone paying tuition on their behalf acknowledges and accepts these terms.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy
Fall and Spring Semesters
Before the first day of class:100% of tuition, room, board and fees; forfeit deposits
Within the first week:100% of tuition, prorate 1 week room & board; forfeit deposits
Within the second week:80% of tuition, room & board
Within the third week:60% of tuition, room & board; fees non-refundable
Within the fourth week:40% of tuition, room & board; fees non-refundable
After the fourth week:No refund
Room & Board Exceptions
Room & board refunds are calculated using the move-out date and not the withdrawal date
All students in RWU housing are assessed an additional $350 housing cancellation fee
Winter Intersession and Summer Sessions
Prior to first class meeting:100% of tuition and fees
Prior to second class meeting:50% of tuition; fees non-refundable
Prior to third class meeting:25% of tuition; fees non-refundable
After third class meeting:No refund

Any applicable credit to reduce tuition charges for students who leave the University will be granted upon presentation of the approved and signed Withdrawal from the University form or the Withdrawal from a Course form in accordance with the above schedule.

Any outstanding balance on a student's account is deducted from the tuition credit. All fees are for a full semester and are not refundable once class has started. Students who are suspended or expelled from the University during the academic year are responsible for all charges related to the semester in which the suspension or expulsion occurred. Any credits that result in a refund to the student's account, as authorized by the Office of the Bursar, will require approximately three weeks for processing.

Application Fee 

This $55 fee is payable at the time when prospective candidates file the application for admission. It is non-refundable and is not credited toward tuition.

Multiple Sibling Tuition Discount 

Statement of Purpose:
Roger Williams University and Roger Williams University School of Law recognize that the increasing cost of higher education has a serious impact on the ability of potential students to further their education; and this is especially true where there is more than one college-age child within a family.  The cost often impedes a student and his or her family from considering their top choice college/university.  In an effort to allow potential students and their families to have access to and the choice of considering Roger Williams University and the Roger Williams School of Law, the University has established a tuition discount in situations in which multiple siblings attend the University and/or the Law School.

If two or more siblings or step-siblings from a blended family are enrolled simultaneously as full-time students at Roger Williams University as undergraduate or graduate students, and/or at the Roger Williams University School of Law, a tuition discount will be granted to the students.  The siblings must have been accepted for admission to one or more of the component parts of the University or the Law School in accordance with all normal admission standards. 

The tuition discount rate for siblings enrolled full-time at the University or Law School is as follows:

i.  One student enrolled – no discount
ii. Two students enrolled – 10% discount for each student
iii. Three students enrolled – 10% discount for the first two students; 20% discount for the third student
iv. Four or more students enrolled - 10% discount for the first two students; 20% discount for the third student; 25% discount for each of the fourth and any additional students

—The discount shall be applied in order of the year of enrollment of each sibling (i.e., first to enroll as an undergraduate, graduate or law school student) and the discount shall continue to be applied based upon continuous years of enrollment at the University/School of Law.  If a sibling has a break of one academic year or more (either within a degree program or moving from one degree to another), his/her date of enrollment for purposes of this policy shall re-set.

—In the event of a discount involving more than two siblings with the same date of enrollment, the higher discount rate shall apply to the lesser tuition cost.

Siblings are eligible for tuition discount before the age of twenty–four (24) for the undergraduate program and before the age of twenty-six (26) for the graduate program and the School of Law.  The tuition discount for students shall be terminated at the end of the semester in which the student reaches the age of 24 or 26, as the case may be.

Any financial aid awarded to a sibling would reflect the discount prior to being awarded the financial aid. (This applies to all full tuition scholarships only.)

The discount shall not be applied retroactively, and cannot be combined with any other published tuition discounts.

This policy does not apply to fees and other charges.

The Bursar shall demand adequate proof that a student is eligible for the sibling tuition discount.  In most cases the required proof would be a copy of a birth certificate or proof of adoption.

Full-time Enrollment – This policy applies to siblings enrolled full-time (12 credits minimum) in an undergraduate day program leading to a Bachelor’s Degree; full-time (9 credits minimum) in a graduate program leading to a Master’s Degree; and full-time (12 credits minimum) in a School of Law program leading to a Juris Doctorate.

Sibling – One or more individuals having at least one common parent, either biological or legally adopted.

Step Sibling – One or more individuals from a blended family who reside in the same household.

Family – In addition to the standard definition of a nuclear family or a single-parent family, for the purposes of this policy, a family may consist of a situation in which one or more siblings reside with one parent, and one or more siblings reside with another parent; or one or more siblings reside in the care of a third party.

Blended Family – A blended family consists of a situation in which siblings of one parent are not related in a biological or adopted way with siblings of another parent, although all siblings reside in the same household.


Upon Enrollment Reservation
This non-refundable $200 is payable when a candidate receives a letter of acceptance from the University. This reserves admission at the University and may be refunded to new students prior to May 1st.

Housing Reservation Deposit
This non-refundable $350 deposit is payable when returning students have submitted a completed and signed application for student housing and the housing contract is confirmed. New students (first-year and transfers) must return this deposit with their application for student housing. The deposit may be refunded to new students prior to May 1st. This deposit reserves a room and is credited towards housing.

Residential Damage Deposit
Undergraduates living in University housing are required to pay a $350 damage deposit annually. The damage deposit will be credited to the student's account after the end of the school year, following inspection of the premises and credit verification by the Office of Student Life. Normally, deposit credits are applied to reduce the next semester charges. However, refunds for credits resulting in credit balances for non-returning students may be made after deductions have been made for any unpaid charges on the student's account. Requests for refunds must be submitted online or in writing to the Office of the Bursar. Authorized refunds require approximately three weeks to be processed after the request is received.

Payment of Charges & Registration for Courses 

One-half of the annual fees listed above are payable before the beginning of each semester, July 1st for the Fall and Summer Semesters and January 2nd for the Spring and Winter Semesters. Payment may be made in cash or personal check in person at the Bursar's Office. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and electronic checking/savings account payments may be made through the RWU Student Account Center hosted by Nelnet Campus Commerce. The University considers each student responsible for payment of all charges. Obligations that are not paid in full by the above due dates will be payable upon demand and assessed a $325 late fee.

Students shall not be permitted to register for the next semester's classes until all outstanding balances for the current semester have been paid in full. A student is considered registered only when all prior balances, present tuition, and all other charges for the semester have been paid in full. Roger Williams University reserves the right to cancel registration for delinquent payments, partial payment or non-payment. Outstanding balances are subject to a 1% per month interest charge. Students are responsible for all collection costs incurred by the University with respect to their delinquent accounts.

Registration for returning students occurs during November for the spring semester and during late March/early April for the following fall semester.

As early as possible, students and families needing financial information or assistance in financing a Roger Williams University education are urged to contact the Financial Aid Office at 1-401-254-3100.

Payment Options 

Roger Williams University understands that families look for as many options as possible to make financing an education more convenient and affordable. Nelnet Campus Commerce offers several valuable options. (Nelnet recently acquired Tuition Management Systems.) The available options are described below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Nelnet Campus Commerce at 1-800-349-0208 or the Offices of the Bursar, Student Financial Aid, or Admissions.

Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option

The Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option, the most popular plan at the University, enables families to extend all or part of their tuition, room, board, and fees over 5 equal monthly payments per term. This eliminates the need to make lump sum payments at the start of each semester. One of the major benefits of this option is that there are no interest charges. For detailed information about the payment plans, contact Nelnet Campus Commerce (Nelnet) at 1-800-349-0208 or afford.com. Those interested in payment plan options should determine the cost of attending the University for the coming semester, subtract all net financial aid received (not including Federal Work-Study), and budget the balance through Nelnet Campus Commerce.

The first payment for the fall is due on July 1 (five equal payments) and the first payment for the spring is due on December 1 (five equal payments). The Plan is very flexible, allowing participants to increase or decrease their budget amount as needed. The per term enrollment fee for the Payment Plan option is $40.

Posting of Loan and Outside Scholarship Proceeds
Payments from outside sources (e.g. state scholarship offices) will be credited to student accounts as the funds are received and recorded by the University.

Questions regarding student account information should be directed to the Office of the Bursar (401) 254-3520.

—Regular Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,

Questions regarding financial aid and the above mentioned loan programs should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Financial Planning (401) 254-3100.

Tuition Insurance 

Protect the investment you’ve made in higher education.

We believe it’s important to offer an easy, affordable way to protect the investment your family has made in higher education. That’s why RWU has negotiated with GradGuard™ to provide our families with tuition insurance by Allianz Global Assistance featuring special plans and rates not available to the general public.

This coverage expands the scope of our refund policy by ensuring reimbursement for tuition, room and board and other fees for covered withdrawals at any time during the semester. Plans also include Student Life Assistance: a 24-hour emergency hotline that offers students and parents even greater peace of mind.

Learn more about Tuition Insurance