The HSRB at Roger Williams must approve all human subjects research conducted at RWU, or undertaken by members of the RWU community. Applications are submitted via the link below. You must submit an application and obtain HSRB approval before you begin your research. The approval process (Exempt and Expedited) is completed within ten days after the Director receives notification through Qualtrics. Notification is sent to the Director within forty-eight hours of submission. Only studies that involve unusually high risk factors or especially vulnerable populations requires the approval of the full Board and will be reviewed at one of the two regularly scheduled full Board meetings. If you are not sure whether your research project requires full Board review, please contact the HSRB Director at

To complete the application, you will need to attach several files. The format (Word or pdf) will be clearly indicated in each section. Before you start your application, be sure you have all the necessary documents in the acceptable format. If you need help accessing the form or converting files into a particular file format, please contact Media Tech at

The HSRB retrieves submissions twice weekly (5:00 pm EST mid-week and week-end) and does not check for updates. If you realize after you have submitted your application that it needs to be changed in any manner, please email the update to The process of submission is automatic and electronic. Assume your application has been retrieved and is under review as the process does not send PI notification of receipt. If you do not have a decision on an Exempt or Expedited application within fifteen days of submission, contact the Director at 

If the HSRB has any questions or comments on your proposal, you will be contacted by email. Once the review process is completed, you will receive your decision (approve, revise and resubmit, reject) via email letter signed by the HSRB Director. If we ask you to submit updated or modified documents, do not submit these new materials through the application form. Instead, simply respond to the HSRB's email by sending an email with any necessary attachments or clarifications to

The document below contains the complete list of questions on the application. It is an important document. We recommend you complete it as preparation for the actual application.

HSRB Prep    

This link will take you to the HSRB application

Download Informed Consent Template