RWU Guest Pass

The RWU Student Guest Pass Process – As easy as 1-2-3.

Step #1 - Agree to the Guest Policy below and fill out the following Guest Pass Form. 
In order to complete the pass, as the RWU community member host you need to first read and agree to comply with the guest policy. Once you confirm their understanding, by selecting 'I Agree', you will be allowed to submit your request for a guest pass.

Step #2 - Authorize the Guest Pass at a designated validation checkpoint (Public Safety Welcome Booth or the Dept. of Residence Life & Housing) 
Once you have submitted the guest pass form, you'll be emailed a printable, but non-valid guest pass. Print out this guest pass page and take it, along with RWU ID, to Public Safety Welcome Booth at the main gate (open 24 hours) or the Department of Residence Life and Housing (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Mon-Fri.) where you can get it verified/authorized (a University staff member will stamp/initial the pass).

Step #3 - Guest Check In 
When your guest arrives, have them stop at the Welcome Booth where they will be directed to the appropriate campus location.

Guest Pass Agreement and Policy

For purposes of the University Conduct process Roger Williams University students are responsible at all times for the behavior of their guests. If guests violate University rules and regulations, the student host will be subject to disciplinary action. University alumni are also considered to be guests.

The RWU residential guest policy, as outlined by the Student Handbook and in the Housing Contract, allows for guests to stay for the duration of "3 suns and 2 moons" (3 days / 2 nights). Each RWU host is limited to 2 guests at any one time. Please note that the pass issued is good for three days only from the date of issue.

Regarding guests:

  • The guest must carry their guest pass and a photo ID on their person for the duration of their visit
 Any overnight bags or luggage for a guest may be checked by any authorized University official.
  • Any unregistered guest may be escorted off campus and issued a no trespass warning by Public Safety

  • Any University student host who fails to properly register their guest will be held accountable through the University Conduct process. Fines and limitation or loss of guest privileges may occur.

  • Any University student hosting a guest should remain with that person for the duration of the visit.

  • The minimum age for an overnight guest is 16. University students who wish to host a guest under the age of 18 must get permission in advance from the CORE (Coordinator of Residence Education) of their building or residence area and complete the release form located through a website link available at MyRWU.

  • RWU students are limited to two guests at any time. The University also reserves the right to additionally restrict the number of guests each student may host on weekends when a larger volume of guests is anticipated (i.e. Fall Concert Weekend, etc...)

  • All guests are required to have a temporary parking permit and park in the parking garage located at North Campus. Any violations of this policy will result in fines and possible loss of privilege.
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