Merit Point System

The process by which all returning RWU students choose their housing for the upcoming year is through an on-line selection process to be completed on an assigned date and time.  Student are assigned a lottery number that is based upon a combination of completed course credits through winter intersession, and accumulated points student merit. This selection process incorporates a qualitative reward system (called merit points) within the lottery structure for students who positively contribute to our campus community. The goals for this process include:

  • rewarding those resident students who act as good citizens on our campus by giving them an advantage in housing selection for their next year.
  • develop a campus culture where individual decisions are made with the consideration of community responsibility.
  • develop a lottery system which considers class standing so that the most senior students select housing earliest (similar to class registration), and students also have incentives to maximize campus engagement in clubs and organizations, athletics, work study, and attend a variety of programs and speakers.  Merit points contribute toward the advantage of choosing a residential community environment that fosters a meaningful and memorable residential experience.  


How does the merit point process work?

Initial priority is given to class year, second priority is given to merit point total, third priority to number of completed credits and final priority to a randomly assigned lottery number. Students can earn merit points in variety of ways, including club involvement, attending merit point programs and community service.  Students can also lose merit points by violating university policies, causing damage, having fire safety violations in their rooms or failing to complete disciplinary sanctions on time.

Merit points are granted on an addition and reduction system. Each student begins the year with 10 merit points. From August through the end of January, students can gain up to 8 additional merit points (up to a combined maximum total of 18).

Students attending merit point programs will earn the point total (ie .33, .5 or 1 point). Note: Students can earn all 8 merit points by attending programs.  Students can lose as many points as negative behavior dictates.

Furthermore, students cannot “make up” merit points. Once a point is lost, it cannot be regained. For example, if a student loses 1 point for a violation, but then gains 5 points for positive activities, the maximum merit point total he or she will have is 14.

How can I gain merit points?

Students who demonstrate positive and meaningful participation in the following activities can gain one merit point (up to 5 total):

  • Participating in Hall Council
  • Leadership Association
  • Organization involvement
  • Club involvement (only one point regardless of how many clubs a student is involved in)
  • Athletic participation (varsity sports, club sports or intramurals)
  • College committee work
  • 10 hours of community service work through the Service Learning office
  • Attendance at any of the President's Distinguished Speaker series
  • Perfect attendance at FYS class
  • Studying abroad (7 points if abroad during the fall semester - 2 points if abroad during the spring semester)
  • Honors program
  • On-campus work, off-campus jobs and non-credit internships
  • Attendance at  merit programs (1/3 of a point for each).

Students may always propose involvement for consideration for a merit point to the Housing Selection Committee. Involvement in clubs and organizations, hall council and Student Senate must be consistent and active. Attendance to at least 75% of meetings, events or programs is required.

How can I get points deducted?

Students will have points deducted if any of the following negative behaviors occur:

  • Student Misconduct — Students will lose one (1) merit point each time they are found responsible for violating University policies.
  • Temporary Loss of Residency — Any student who temporarily loses residency as the result of disciplinary action will lose one (1) additional merit point.
  • Failure to Complete Sanctions on Time — Students who fail to complete any of their assigned sanctions on time will lose one (1) merit point for each sanction they fail to complete on time.
  • High Damage — Any student with a damage bill (individual, general and/or living area) higher than $40 per semester will lose one (1) merit point.  For damage bills higher than $80 per semester, students will lose two (2) merit points.

How can I check my merit points?

Students log on to their MyRWU account, click on the "Services Tab" located on the top right hand side, then click on "Check Merit Point Total" tab located under the "Housing Lottery" tab at the bottom left hand side.

Who can I speak with concerning points and questions?

The Housing Selection Committee consists of students representing all residence areas on campus. Two representatives from each residence hall are appointed to sit on the committee and report back to their hall councils. In addition to student representatives, an assistant director of housing and a CORE also sit on the committee. The committee continues to seek input from hall councils, their residents and IRHA.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Housing Selection Committee, please speak with your CORE at the start of the school year.