Housing Selection FAQs

Is the housing deposit refundable?

There is no refund of the $350 housing deposit once you choose continued ocupancy (C.O.) or select a new room/apartment, or once a space has been selected for you by another designee (e.g. the housing office or by giving your information to another student). If a space is not reserved or assigned, the deposit will remain on your account and will go towards any outstanding balance.

Can I move off campus after I sign into housing?

No. Once you choose continued occupancy (C.O.) or select a new room/apartment, or once a space has been selected for you by another designee (the housing office or by giving your information to another student), you have entered into a legally binding agreement between you and the University. You will be responsible for the $350.00 housing deposit and all charges and fees associated with living in housing.

What is the online housing selection process?

The entire housingl selection process including declaring your housing intent, previewing rooms/apartments and the actual selecting of a room/apartment is completed through your MyRWU account. You $350 housing deposit and application are completed in person at the Office of the Bursar

What are merit lottery & merit points?

This selection process incorporates a qualitative reward system with the lottery structure for students who positively contribute to our campus community.

When & how do I get my lottery number?

You will receive your lottery number and other important information via your university email address on February 22nd. If you are having problems receiving your email, contact the Center for Academic Success at ext. 3390. Lottery numbers will not be given in person at the housing office. You can also locate your lottery number on the “Housing Lottery Status” link located under the “Services” tab in your MyRWU account.

How are lottery numbers assigned?

Lottery numbers are randomly assigned by computer based on the number of completed academic credits you have at the end of the fall semester and then merit points.  Numbers are randomly assigned by computer based on the merit standing. Only those students that declare their housing intent will be eligible to receive a lottery number. If you have studied abroad or transferred in credits, check to ensure they have been applied to your completed credits.

What is “declaring housing intent”?

Declaring your housing intent is stating online that you wish to participate in the housing selection process and agreeing to the housing contract. Housing intent will take place from 8:00AM on Wednesday, February 17th until 4:00PM on Thursday, February 18th. ONLY THOSE STUDENTS WHO HAVE PAID THE $350 HOUSING DEPOSIT, ARE FINANCALLY CLEARED (do not have an outstanding balance), AND DO NOT HAVE ANY HOLDS ON THEIR ACCOUNT WILL BE ABLE TO DECLARE THEIR HOUSING INTENT.

What happens if I do not declare my housing intent by the deadline?

If students do not declare their housing intent some time between 8:00AM on Wednesday, February 17th through 4:00PM on Thursday, February 18th, they will not be eligible to receive a lottery number and they will not be able to participate in any portion of the housing selection process. These students will be wait-listed for housing and placed in spaces that remain after new students are placed. This could include temporary accommodations.

If I make a housing deposit and declare my housing intent am I bound by the housing contract?

No. You are not bound to the contract until you actually choose continued occupancy (C.O.) or select a new space; or a space has been selected for you by another designee (housing office or a friend) during any portion of the housing selection process from February 24th through March 18th.

I am going to be a sophomore; can I live off campus with friends?

No. There is a two year residency requirement for all freshmen. Before you think about moving off campus, note that you will be billed for room and board for the entire academic year if you are within the two year residency requirement. You can request to commute from home (residence on file). Requests must be submitted in writing to the Associate Director of Housing Theresa Capelo at tcapelo@rwu.edu.

My friend has a better lottery number, do we go though lottery at their appointment time?

Yes. All roommates who are going to live together must sign up together with the best lottery number – lowest number. If you cannot be present during the appointment time you can give your roommate your ID number and lottery number. Please see the question what if I can not attend lottery (below).

Can I stay in the room/apartment I live in now?

This is called continued occupancy (C.O.) - ONLY THOSE RESIDENTS WITH 33 CREDITS or MORE MAY C.O. THEIR CUREENT ROOM/APARTMENT. You can sign up at any time during the days of C.O. to sign into the current room you live in. C.O. will take place online from 8:00AM - 7:00 PM Wednesday, February 24th. C.O. disagreements between roommates are determined by lottery numbers. If you would like to C.O. your room/apartment and have some other friend(s) live with you, they must give you their ID number and lottery number so that you can sign them into the room/apartment when you sign up.

My friend currently lives in Bayside (North Campus Apartments or Almeida). Can I move in with them?

Only those students with 33 credits or more can be carried into an apartment area – Bayside, North Campus Apartments or Almeida during the C.O. or lottery process.  If you do not have 33 credits and spaces remain in apartment areas you can sign in when it is your specific lottery time.  If spaces are available during your specific lottery time you can then select them.

Can I live with someone of the opposite gender in the same room or apartment?

Yes. We do allow students of the opposite gender to live together in the same room or apartment - this is called Gender inclusive housing.  Student interested in this housing option must attend one of the inforamtional sessions on February 9th at 6PM in CAS157 or February 17th at 8:00PM in CAS 157

Can someone of the opposite gender live in the same suite (not the same room) in the suite portion of the North Campus Residence Hall?

Yes! It is allowed through a self-proposed Living Learning Community. Applications are required or if specific spaces are available during your specific lottery time.

What if I have special medical condition that requires special housing?

Requests for accessibility accommodations in University Housing coincide with the deposit date schedule.  

What does it mean to be financially cleared?

You can view your account online at MyRWU to see if you have an outstanding balance. If you have an outstanding balance you are not financially cleared. Students with a hold on their account from the Office of the Bursar because of an outstanding balance will not be able to participate in any portion of housing selection. You must be financially cleared by February 12, 2016

How can I determine if I have any “Holds” on my account?

You will be able to see if you have any holds/restriction by clicking on “My Restrictions” under the “Services” tab in your MyRWU account. This will show you if you have Judicial, Housing or Health holds that could prevent you from declaring your intent or selecting a space during the process. Please note that the holds can be added at any time because of a particular situation.

How can I preview what spaces are available?

You can preview what spaces are available by selecting “Housing Lottery Search” under the services tab in your MyRWU account.

What is supersize?

Can’t seem to find a room/apartment big enough for you and all your friends? Then supersize it!! If you are looking for a 5 person apartment in Bayside or Almeida – then add a person to a quad. If you are looking for a triple in Stonewall or Baypoint – then add a person to a double based upon spaces available at C.O. or empty rooms/apartments at lottery. Each person in the shared room/bedroom will receive a discount, a smaller credit to those who share the apartment. Please refer to the rate portion of the housing selection guide available online. Students that supersize an apartment/room during the housing selection process will have 48 hours to turn in a supersize agreement to the Office of Housing. Agreements are available online or at the Housing Office. If an agreement is not received within 48 hours, your selection may be cancelled.

How do I get a single room or a private bedroom in an apartment?

There is not a separate process for single rooms/private bedrooms. You can search for what single rooms are available at the time of your lottery apointment. Just search for single under the room type.

If you are interested in a private bedroom in a shared apartment in Bayside (quint apartment) you would search quintuple under the room type and Bayside as the building. The private bedroom is noted as a “B” next to the room number.

Do I have to have a meal plan?

Yes. If you live in any of the traditional style living areas, you must sign up for the Carte Blanche Gold, 200 Block Plan or the Carte Blanche Platinum meal plan. Meal plans are not required but are optional for those areas designated as apartment style (Bayside, Almeida or the apartment side of the new residence hall).

Do I have to have a roommate(s)?

Yes! We do expect to be at full capacity this fall and every space will be filled. If an apartment/room is not at full occupancy after the C.O. process, this space(s) will be the first occupied at hosuing selection. Students who are looking for one space or going through housing selection on their own will not be able to sign into a completely empty apartment/room as long as there is a similar space available in a partially occupied apartment/room. The same is true for a group of students that are not completely filling a room/apartment. Students are directed to these partially filled rooms/apartments. (e.g. one junior C.O.’ed into a Bayside apartment by himself because his three roommates graduated. Three male students are looking for a Bayside apartment – they will automatically be directed to this apartment.)

If I can’t be available during my appointment time - can I still sign up for a room?

Yes! You must give your ID number and lottery number to your roommate. If you have a better lottery appointment time than your roommate, a friend must sign in to your MyRWU account and then complete the process for you with your ID number and lottery number.

What if there is an open space in my room/apartment, can I buy it out?

No. We are expecting to be at full capacity and every space will be filled.

My Roommate is going abroad – can I use their lottery number?

No. Lottery numbers are assigned to each person – you can not trade, use or buy another student’s lottery number.

What if I hate the room that I get during the housing selection process?

You can add yourself to a room change wait list in the event that a different room becomes available during the summer. Room change wait list forms are available in the Housing Office and must be signed by all roommates. By doing this, you authorize the Office of Housing to make a switch without prior notification.

I am thinking about transferring, should I go through the housing selection process?

If you are certain that you won't be returning to the University, do not go though the housing selection process because there will be a financial penalty. If you are uncertain, please be aware that all students who do not participate in the process will be placed on a wait list, and will be placed in any available space after new student placement.

Can we sign up to live together in a suite in Stonewall?

No & Yes. No - You can only sign up for a specific room – since there are singles and many different sized doubles, priority is given by lottery number. Yes - as a self-proposed Living Learning Community, you may sign up to live together.

What if I want to live with someone who is currently living abroad?

The students that are currently studying abroad must complete the same process as students who are currently in housing. After they have made a housing deposit and have declared their housing intent, they will be issued a lottery number and appointment time. If they have the better lottery number then they will need to sign you into the apartment/room. If you have the better lottery number then they must give you their lottery number and ID number. We will be emailing them all the same information that you are receiving. All times are EST.

Do I sign up for housing if I am studying abroad in the fall?

No. Your housing requests for the spring semester will be completed during your pre-departure meeting.

Do I still make a housing deposit if I am going abroad in the Fall?

No. Your deposit into the study abroad program for the fall will work as your deposit for housing for the spring semester.

What if I am studying abroad in the spring semester– am I responsible for housing for the year?

No. Students who are studying abroad will be released from the housing contract by the Study Abroad Office.

I am currently a commuter/living off campus (not University housing) can I come back into housing?

You can add yourself to a wait list and may be housed over the summer months is space is available, but in most cases, we have not been able to honor requests of students returning to housing after living off campus.

What is a displaced student?

If your room or unit is being converted to a different occupancy or living area, you are considered a displaced student. We will send you an email or letter notifying you that your current room/unit will be changing. Additional information will be emailed directly to those students concerning the timeline and process.

My roommate and I do not want to live together next year but we both want to keep the room and bring in a roommate, who has priority over the room?

Roommate disagreements for C.O. are determined by lottery numbers. The student with the best lottery number, the lowest, will have priority over the room.

Am I guaranteed housing?

As long as you select a room during the housing selection process you are guaranteed housing, but not necessarily your preference.

What happens if I do not select a room during the housing selection process?

If you do not make your choice during the housing selection process you will be placed on a wait list and assigned to a remaining space, including temporary assignments; after all new students have been placed.

I am going to be a junior or senior and I am not going to live in University housing (becoming a commuter) is there any thing I need to do?

Yes. You will need to complete an off campus housing application, which will assist the University in contacting you in case of emergencies, updates and commuter programs. Please remember once you become a commuter (not in University Housing) you can not participate in future hoousing selection processes. Those students that would like to return will be wait-listed and placed during the summer should space become available.