Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive housing is defined as a housing option in which two or more students mutually agree to share a multiple-occupancy bedroom, suite, or apartment regardless of students’ sex or gender. By offering gender inclusive housing, residential students will be given a choice similar to those afforded in off-campus housing options.  By removing biological sex and gender identity as determining factors in the housing process for some students, a broader experience of co-habitation can be fostered in an educational and safe environment.  While same sex roommate situations can often cause distress for members of the transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual or intersex communities, gender neutral or gender inclusive housing can be beneficial for all students in the process of discovering and developing their identity.

Gender Inclusive housing is available in all halls (except Stonewall) for sophomores, juniors, and seniors through the Housing Selection process.  Selection is similar to other application driven and/or opting-in special processes like ‘Self-proposed Living Learning Communities (LLC’s) and/or “Supersizing”.

There is no specific number, or limit, of gender inclusive rooms on campus. However, gender inclusive housing will be offered in a variety of accommodations throughout University housing; except in areas that are exclusively freshmen living areas, and/or designated as single-sex.

Applications/Agreement can be obtained at advertised information sessions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reference our FAQ page and take a look at the Gender Neutral Housing Contract. You may also contact our office via email ( or phone (401-254-3161).