Housing Selection FAQs

Is the housing deposit refundable?

There is no refund of the $350 housing deposit once you complete (electronically sign) your housing application/contract. A student can request to be released from their housing contract. If they are released, cancellation fees and costs may be assessed depending on the date they submit their cancellation request.

Can I move off campus after I sign/complete a housing contract?

No. Once you have completed your housing application/contract, you have entered into a legally binding agreement between you and the University. You will be responsible for the $350.00 housing deposit and all charges and fees associated with living in housing. A student can request to be released from their housing contract. If they are released, cancellation fees and costs may be assessed depending on the date they submit their cancellation request.

What is the online housing selection process?

The entire housing selection process, including completing your housing application/contract and selecting your room, is done through your "Housing Self-Service" account via Roger Central. The housing deposit must be paid on-line at https://rwu.afford.com/

How are selection timeslots assigned and how will I receive them?

Selection timeslots are generated randomly by class year for students who have completed their housing application/contract. Timeslots will be sent to your RWU email on April 14th

What happens if I do not complete my housing application/contract by the deadline?

If students do not complete their housing application/contract by Friday, March 11th will have their Housing Timeslot effected. These students will still be able to choose a room with their designated class year, but they will have timeslots after all students of their class year that met the March 11th deadline. For all students that complete an application on or after April 1st, they will choose their housing for the Fall after all other students that have submitted an application on April 28th-29th or over the summer period. 

I am going to be a sophomore next year; can I live off campus with friends?

No. There is a Two-Year Residency Requirement for all freshmen and sophomores. Before you think about moving off campus, note that you will be billed for room and board for the entire academic year if you are within the two year residency requirement. If a student believes they meet the criteria for having this requirement waived, they should complete a Two-Year Residency Waiver Request form via Housing Self-Service (which will be available when the housing application opens).

Can I stay in the room/apartment I live in now?

Students who want to remain in their same room/apartment for next year will need to complete this process. It is important to note that all of the students who currently live in the unit and who have completed a housing contract for next year need to sign the CO agreement confirming their plans for the space for next academic year. *Only those students with 33 completed credits or more may CO their current space. You can learn more by reviewing the CO section of the Housing Selection webpage.

I have friends who currently live in Bayside, North Campus Apartments, and Almeida. Can I move in with one of them?

Only those students with 33 completed credits or more can be carried into an apartment area – Bayside, North Campus Residence Hall apartments, or Almeida during the CO process. If you do not have 33 completed credits and spaces remain available in apartment areas during your selection timeslot, you can then select one at that time. 

Can someone of the opposite gender live in the same suite (not the same room) in the suite portion of the North Campus Residence Hall?

Yes! To form a group and choose this option, you will need to complete a Gender Inclusive Housing Agreement on your Housing Self-Service Portal. During the Selection process students of all genders can choose the same suite. For example a male identified group can live in a bedroom next to all female identified students without a Gender Inclusive Housing Agreement.

What if I have special medical condition that requires special housing?

Students who wish to renew existing accommodations must reapply and be approved each year. New requests may also be submitted for review. All requests must be submitted to SAS by February 22, 2022. Both the "Request for Accessibility Housing Accommodations" form and the "Treating Practitioner’s Verification" form as well as an outline of the process can be found here: https://www.rwu.edu/undergraduate/student-life/living-rwu/request-accessible-housing-accommodations.

What does it mean to be financially cleared?

You can view your account online via Roger Central to see if you have an outstanding balance. If you have an outstanding balance you are not financially cleared. Students with a hold on their account from the Office of the Bursar because of an outstanding balance will not be able to participate in any portion of housing selection. You must be financially cleared by April 11th, 2022.

How can I determine if I have any “Holds” on my account?

You will be able to see if you have any holds/restrictions by Roger Central. You will be able to see if you have Judicial, Student Life / Flu Shot or Health holds that could prevent you from declaring your intent or selecting a space during the process. Please note that the holds can be added at any time because of a particular situation.

How do I get a single room or a private bedroom in an apartment?

If you are interested in a single room, you would simply use the system to search for any single rooms during your timeslot. If they are available, you will be able to select one. If they are not available, you will need to pick an open space with a direct roommate.

Do I have to have a meal plan?

Yes. If you live in any of the traditional style living areas, you must sign up for the 200, 225, or 230 Block Plan meal plan. Meal plans are not required but are optional for those areas designated as apartment style (Bayside, Almeida or any apartments within North Campus Residence Hall).

Do I have to have a roommate(s)?

Yes! We do expect to be at full capacity this fall and every space will be filled. If an apartment/room is not at full occupancy after the CO process, this space(s) will be the first occupied at housing selection. Students who are looking for one space or going through housing selection on their own (solo) will not be able to sign into a completely empty apartment/room as long as there is a similar space available in a partially occupied apartment/room. The same is true for a group of students that are not completely filling a room/apartment. Students are directed to these partially filled rooms/apartments.(e.g. one Junior CO’ed into a Bayside apartment by themselves because their three roommates graduated - three other students are looking for a Bayside apartment – they will automatically be directed to this apartment).

What if there is an open space in my room/apartment, can I buy it out?

No. We are expecting to be at full capacity and every space will be filled.

I am thinking about transferring, should I go through the housing selection process?

If you are certain that you won't be returning to the University, do not complete a housing application/contract because there will be a financial penalty. If you are uncertain, please be aware that all students who do not participate in the process and later decide that they want housing will be added to the wait list (after completing a housing application/contract) and will be assigned in any available space after new student placement (in July).

Can we sign up to live together in a suite in Stonewall?

No. You can only sign up for a specific room – since there are singles and many different sized doubles, priority is given by selection timeslot.

What if I want to live with someone who is currently living abroad?

The students that are currently studying abroad must complete the same process as students who are currently in housing. After they have completed their housing application/contract, they will have a chance to participate in group formation and they will also be issued a selection timeslot. They will receive all the same information that you are receiving. All times/deadlines are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Do I sign up for housing if I am studying abroad in the fall?

No. The Spring 2022 Housing Selection Process for students studying abroad for fall will take place during the fall semester. Specific information about the process will be sent to their RWU email by the end of October.

Do I still make a housing deposit if I am going abroad in the fall?

Yes. Your deposit will be rolled over to the spring semester if you would like to live on campus. 

What if I am studying abroad in the spring semester – would I be responsible for the housing contract for the full year?

No. Students who are assigned for the fall semester and leave to study abroad in the spring will be released from the housing contract as long as they are officially on the Study Abroad roster (provided by the Study Abroad Programs Office) and they complete the appropriate Housing Contract Cancellation forms.

I am currently a commuter/living off campus (not University housing) can I come back into housing?

Yes! You will follow the same process as our residential students and complete a Housing Deposit and all necessary Applications. 

What is a displaced student?

If your room or unit is being converted to a different occupancy or living area, you are considered a displaced student. We will send you an email or letter notifying you that your current room/unit will be changing. Additional information will be emailed directly to those students concerning the timeline and process.

My roommate and I do not want to live together next year but we both want to keep the room and bring in a roommate, who has priority over the room?

Students can only participate in the CO process if all the returning students (who complete a housing application/contract for the following year) sign the CO application/agreement and outline the plans for the unit next year. If there is a disagreement (there is no consensus), all of the roommates will need to go through the housing selection process and pick a space based on their selection timeslot.

What happens if I do not select a room during the housing selection process or I miss my selection timeslot?

If you do not make your choice during the housing selection process you will be able to choose a room on April 28th and 29th or over the summer break period.

I am going to be a junior or senior and I am not going to live in University housing (becoming a commuter) is there any thing I need to do?

Yes. You will need to complete an Off-Campus Address Registration Form, which will assist the University in contacting you in case of emergencies, updates and commuter programs.