Floor Plans & Building Diagrams

The following links are to assist you in making an educated decision during the hall selection process. Please use them as a guide and direct specific questions to the Housing Office at ext 3161 or by emailing rwuhousing@rwu.edu. We highly recommend using a desktop or laptop to review the PDF links below and zoom in accordingly; the files may be hard to read on a mobile device.

Almeida Complex

Almeida 200s- 1st Floor

Almeida 200s- 2nd Floor

Almeida 200s- 3rd Floor

Almeida 300s- 1st Floor

Almeida 300s- 2nd Floor

Almeida 300s- 3rd Floor

Almeida 400s- 1st Floor

Almeida 400s- 2nd Floor

Almeida 400s- 3rd Floor

Almeida Flats (Evens)- 1st Floor

Almeida Flats (Evens)- 2nd Floor

Almeida Flats (Odds)- 1st Floor

Almeida Flats (Odds)- 2nd Floor

Almeida Townhouses


Baypoint- 1st Floor

Baypoint- 2nd Floor


Bayside 100s- 1st Floor

Bayside 100s- 2nd Floor

Bayside 100s- 3rd Floor

Bayside 200s- 1st Floor

Bayside 200s- 2nd Floor

Bayside 200s- 3rd Floor

Bayside 300s- 1st Floor

Bayside 300s- 2nd Floor

Bayside 300s- 3rd Floor

Bayside 400s (Driftwood)


Cedar Hall - 1st Floor

Cedar Hall - 2nd Floor

Cedar Hall - 3rd Floor

Cedar Hall - 4th Floor

Cedar Hall - 5th Floor


Maple Hall Building-Wide Floor Plan

Maple Hall - Unit 1 

Maple Hall - Unit 2

Maple Hall - Unit 3

Maple Hall - Unit 4

Maple Hall - Unit 5

Maple Hall - Unit 6

Maple Hall - Unit 7

Maple Hall - Unit 8

Maple Hall - Unit 9

Maple Hall - Unit 10

Maple Hall - Unit 11

Maple Hall - Unit 12

Maple Hall - Unit 14

North Campus Residence Hall

NCRH- 1st floor

NCRH- 2nd floor

NCRH- 3rd floor

NCRH- 4th floor

Stonewall Terrace

Stonewall I- 1st Floor

Stonewall I- 2nd Floor

Stonewall I- 3rd Floor

Stonewall II- 1st Floor

Stonewall II- 2nd Floor

Stonewall II- 3rd Floor

Stonewall III- 1st Floor

Stonewall III- 2nd Floor

Stonewall III- 3rd Floor

Stonewall IV- 1st Floor

Stonewall IV- 2nd Floor

Stonewall IV- 3rd Floor

Willow Hall

Willow 1- 1st floor

Willow 1- 2nd floor

Willow 2- 1st floor

Willow 2- 2nd floor

Willow 2- 3rd floor

Willow 3- 1st floor

Willow 3- 2nd floor

Willow 4- 1st floor

Willow 4- 2nd floor

Willow 4- 3rd floor

Willow 5- 1st floor

Willow 5- 2nd floor

Willow 5- 3rd floor

Willow 6- 1st floor

Willow 6- 2nd floor

Willow 7- 1st floor

Willow 7- 2nd floor