Willow Hall

A beautiful complex located just yards from Mount Hope Bay, Willow Hall offers some of the most stellar views of the Bay and the Mount Hope Bridge.

Living at Willow


  • Willow has over seven townhouses and unit-style residence halls, which gives residents a wide variety of housing options and the opportunity to meet plenty of new people.
  • Willow features a sprawling grass courtyard and a stream in the middle, perfect for sitting outside, playing frisbee, reading by the water, or taking a nap on a blanket.
  • Each room comes with standard furniture (bed, desk, chair, closet/armoire, bureau, cable/data hookup) and the entire complex is both air-conditioned and completely wireless.
  • Willow also has its very own recreational room complete with couches, chairs, tables, a large-screen TV, and a billiards table.
  • The laundry facilities and vending machines are located above the common room in the “44” building, as well as some additional sitting space and another large-screen TV.


Traditional style buildings consist of individual units with three floors each. Each floor contains a private bathroom with a sink and shower and four resident rooms. Outside the bathroom on each floor are two sinks and a mirror allowing residents plenty of space for getting ready.

Townhouse buildings 1,3, and 6 have six individual units with two floors each. Each floor has two resident rooms and one bathroom on each floor. Townhouse 7 has a back deck overlooking the bay and courtyard.

Willow deck


The staff of Willow Hall is comprised of one Coordinator of Residence Education (CORE), one Head Resident Assistant (HRA), and 14 Resident Assistants (RA). The Coordinator of Residence Education serves to oversee the day-to-day operation of the complex, including supervision of the residence hall staff. There is one RA per unit in the traditional-style halls and either one or two RAs in each of the Townhouses (Units 1, 3, 6 & 7).