Living Learning & Themed Communities

Roger Williams University began offering Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and Themed Communities more than fifteen years ago, when the University Honors Program chose to include a living component to accompany the overall honors experience. Since then, the University has hosted many types of living – from theme-and major-based to special interest, self-proposed and everything in between. We believe that Living Learning Communities and Themed Communities are an integral piece of the RWU education, especially for our incoming students.

National research has shown that LLCs:

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Open students’ minds to new ideas and experiences
  • Increase student engagement in classes
  • Lead students to think more critically and gain deeper knowledge
  • Create a greater sense of connection to the university community

Our current LLC and Themed Community offerings include communities organized around our Honors program, Substance Free, Black Diaspora, Queer & Trans and our PEACE mentorship program. Each area will be comprised of a cohort of approximately 20-40 students (depending on the building community).

At RWU, our Living Learning and Themed Communities:

  • Give students additional access to faculty and/or staff members.
  • Create a community within a community
  • Allow for greater interaction with Peers and Resident Assistants
  • Serve the specific needs and interests of the students residing in them

LLCs and Themed Communities at RWU are designed to help students get the most out of their first-year by strengthening the connection between the classroom and the residence hall, and helping in the transition from high school to college.  As a member of one of these communities, students will have the support and encouragement they need to make the most of their college experience.

Living Learning and Themed Communities

Black Diasporic Living Learning & Themed Community

The Black Diasporic Living Learning & Themed Community is a group of people from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and ethnicities who connect around the common experience of being racially Black.  The Black Diasporic Themed Community aims to make meaningful connections with peers and Black faculty and administrators, network in the RI community with Black professionals, participate in community collaborations through service projects that empower Black youth and engage with the campus community for institutional change.  This community is located in Building I of Stonewall Terrace and will be home to both first year and upperclassmen students. 

Black Diasporic Living Learning (LLC) & Themed Community (TC) Application
Coordinator:Zoila Quezada, Director of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Web Page:Click here for more information about this community
Honors Living Learning Community

The Honors program is located in Building IV of Stonewall Terrace and is home to both first year and upperclassmen students.  Students entering the Honors program are encouraged to select this Living Learning Community, unless an affinity-based LLC or Themed Community (i.e. Black Diasporic or Queer/Trans) is preferred.  The Honors program, in coordination with the LLC, focuses on achieving excellence through intellectual and creative scholarship, fostering citizenship and social responsibility through reflective engagement with local and global communities and leading and serving within the program, the community, and the world. 

Honors Living Learning Community Application
Program Director:Dr. Jeremy Campbell, Associate Professor of Anthropology
P.E.A.C.E. Living Learning Community

PEACE is an acronym that stands for Peer Empowerment, Advocacy/Activism, and Community Engagement.  This is a social justice community, comprised of students who want to work to make a difference on campus, in their communities, and in the world.  PEACE is invested in ensuring that students have a positive and successful first year by creating opportunities for genuine community connections, self-exploration and discoveries of social justice interests, developing intercultural learning, and fostering social justice leadership skills. PEACE Themed Community is located in Maple Hall and students will take a common class taught by the PEACE Faculty Mentor. 

P.E.A.C.E. Living Learning Community Application
Coordinator:Dr. Laure D'Amore, Associate Professor of American Studies
Web Page:Click here for more information about this community
Queer/Trans Themed Community

This community serves students who identify anywhere within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, trans, transgender, non-binary, and gender non-confirming communities. In partnership with the Queer and Trans Resource and Advocacy Center (QTRAC), this community allows for our queer and trans communities to build a strong network of support while they adjust to life at Roger. This community also creates a safe space for our queer and trans students to celebrate their shared identities.  The Queer/Trans Themed Community is located in Maple Hall for our first year students. Returning (upperclassmen) students have an additional community located within the suites of North Campus Residence Hall.

Queer/Trans Themed Community Application
Coordinator:Gabriella Porcaro, Assistant Director for Queer and Trans Initiatives
Web Page:Click here for more information about this community
Substance Free Themed Community

Despite the entirety of our South Campus being substance free, this community is designed for students seeking an opportunity to live in a space on campus that focuses on a holistic wellness without the use of alcohol, tobacco and other substances.  Students selecting this community are expected to meet this expectation while living in the space.  The Substance Free Themed Community is located in Stonewall Terrace.

Substance Free Themed Community Application
Coordinator:Danny DiCamillo, Assistant Director for Residential Education

Q: What are the benefits of being involved in an LLC or Themed Community?

A: In addition to the information provided on this web page, some of the benefits include faculty mentors, special events and instant bonds with your classmates and faculty members.

 Q: I really want to be in an LLC or Themed Community; how do I make sure that I get in?

A: After students complete their housing application, they will be able to apply for the Living Learning or Themed Community through a separate application/selection process. Those application links along with the program coordinator contract information can be found on this page. Program coordinators will select students based on the student's LLC or Themed Community application and space availability. Placement into one of these communities is not guaranteed.

 Q: How much does it cost to be in an LLC or Themed Community?

A: Even with all of the added benefits, there is no additional cost to be part of any of our LLC or Themed Communities.

Q: Can I pick my roommate?

A: If you already know who you’d like to live with, you can indicate that on the Roommate Matching Characteristics Questionnaire.  It must be a mutual request to be considered.

 Q: What if I don’t like/get along with my roommate?

A: We always do our best to match you with a roommate who will complement your lifestyle. While we have enjoyed great success in our process, we acknowledge that the process is not foolproof. If things aren’t working between you and your roommate, we will try our best to help you work through it, or work with you to have you reassigned to a better living situation.