Meet the Staff

 Phoebe Thaler, PEACE Program, Program Coordinator

I am a junior at RWU, double majoring in Political Science and American Studies, and double minoring in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Anthropology + Sociology. In addition to being the P.E.A.C.E. Program Coordinator, I am the Programming Chair for the Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA), the Co-President of FEM Society, as well as an active member of S.A.F.E. (Sexuality Advocacy for Everyone), The Multicultural Student Union (MSU), International Relations Organization, Africana Student Coalition, and College Democrats. In the social justice advocacy world I am passionate about intersectional feminist issues, queer and trans issues, other human rights issues, and fighting for social justice through the vehicle of our political system. My philosophy about leadership is that a leader needs to know how to listen, because if a leader does not listen to their followers, and even follow some of the time, they will no longer be an effective leader.

Meg Dela Dingco, PEACE Keeper

Hey!!! My name is Meg, but you can call me mom or dad. I was raised as a USN brat in Japan and I identify as a Filipino. I am a junior in International Business with a minor in Chinese and East Asian Studies. Off campus, I am involved in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in terms of raising funds for blood cancers research, The Tomorrow Fund, and the co-founder of the patient outreach services Hand-in-Hand Heroes. I am super extra when it comes to working towards the inclusivity of feminism and the LGBTQ in regards to POC and marginalized groups and the decriminalization of sex workers -- basically areas that #1stworldfeministproblems seems to forget about. I believe that being a leader doesn't mean telling people what to do, but working side-by-side with everyone to achieve a common goal. Besides this, I am 100% passionate about animals (except slugs and worms), cooking very spicy foods, taking 10 hour naps, makeup/skincare, writing, and playing video games.

Rachel Campbell, PEACE Keeper

My name is Rachel Campbell and I am a sophomore majoring in Psychology with a Core Concentration in Educational Studies. I am from Bronx, New York and living in the city inspired me to become active in social justice and play a role in gaining these rights for those who do not have. My freshman year I was a Diversity Leadership mentee and I learned from my mentor that being an advocate for social justice starts with you and the relationships you foster to achieve the same goal. Because I am passionate about that and mentoring, I made the decision to become a mentor. My other passions are singing like no one’s listening, softball, hanging with friends, and cooking/baking.

Brianna Messa, PEACE Keeper

My name is Brianna Messa and I am a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology.  I am an ILA Scholar and my involvements include membership in the John Jay Society, as well as an Executive Board member and Secretary for the Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA).  I love going shopping whether it's for clothes, shoes or makeup. You can always find me in a store or online doing some shopping.  In my eyes, everyone's opinions should be heard, but if everyone talked at once nothing will truly be said. The leader is that one voice which reflects the people's voices but can be heard by all.

Tyler Porter, PEACE Keeper

Hello, my name is Tyler Porter.  I am a sophomore at RWU majoring in Architecture with a minor in Film. I am very excited to enter this program with positive vibes.  I am interested in educating myself and others on social justice issues that impact our day-to-day lives. The PEACE program is a way I can build healthy relationships and share tips I’ve accumulated along the way in terms of experiences I’ve been through here at Roger Williams with my peers. The social justice I strongly believe in is gender equality, especially with regard to equal opportunities, access and resources.  I stand strong with feminist values and women’s empowerment, and will help spread these values throughout our Roger community. 

“Hey Black Child be what you can be, learn what you must learn, do what you can do, and tomorrow your nation will be what you what it to be.” -Useni Eugene Perkins

Megan Mooney, PEACE Keeper

My name is Megan Mooney.  I’m a sophomore from Haverill, Massachusetts double majoring in International Relations and Security Assurance Studies with a minor in Spanish.  I am extremely excited to be a part of this year’s PEACE Program, and I hope to foster growth among my mentees as they undergo their transition to RWU.  In addition to my role as a PEACE Keeper, I participate in a variety of organizations on campus such as the Multicultural Student Union and the University Honors Program.  I am very passionate about issues of social justice, and I continuously strive to create a more progressive and socially aware campus climate.  During my spare time, I enjoy running, weightlifting, playing piano, and watching Netflix.

“Truly effective and inspiring leaders aren’t driven to lead people; they are driven to serve them.” – Simon Sinek