Multicultural Student Life


The primary functions of International and Multicultural Student Affairs (IMSA) are to create safe spaces and to act as a forum for the critical discussion regarding diversity and multiculturalism in higher education in particular, and in the larger society in general.


Led by several campus initiatives and university-wide support, IMSA worked to establish several traditional campus-wide events ranging from interfaith services and diversity education for student leaders to supporting individuals and groups of students.

Traditional Programming and Intervention

Through programming with themes of diversity and social justice and personal intervention, through the Intercultural Center (IC), the university works to create an environment that responds to the needs of multicultural students while promoting academic and personal development. The IC also works to support campus mechanisms that proactively seek to critically examine issues of diversity, racism and societal pluralism.

RWU Unity Day

The opportunity to attend RWU’s Leadership Unity Day is a unique experience at RWU to celebrate unity, to break down barriers and work toward a stronger and understanding community and to meet other students who value diversity and justice in the same way that you do.  

Our RWU Unity Day welcomes new students to RWU and provides an introduction to support systems on campus, to student groups that are engaged in diversity and social justice, and provides a half-day exploration of issues that can create barriers in our society. Examples of specific topics that may be addressed include racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, heterosexism, ableism, privilege and more. Through fun, educational and interactive activities, we seek to break down those barriers that separate us in order to build understanding and community and to cultivate a campus culture that is increasingly inclusive. Learn more about RWU Unity Day here.

Multicultural Student Union

The Multicultural Student Union (MSU) is a progressive group of students that collaborate with others to provide educational opportunities on matters of diversity. MSU seeks to demonstrate how people from diverse backgrounds, values and beliefs can work together to create a safe and inclusive environment for the student body. Ultimately, fostering the growth of the Roger Williams University community. MSU holds programming such as Diversity Week, discourses on diversity, Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month programming and more. Learn more about MSU on their Facebook page.