Traveling with Dependents

F-1 Visa Holders

If your spouse or children (under 21) will be accompanying you to Roger Williams University, they will need to apply for the F-2 visa. This visa may be obtained by presenting the U.S. consulate with the Form I-20 issued to each family member by Roger Williams University (you must inform the Intercultural Center that you are bringing your family with you in order to obtain these forms) and proof of adequate funding for the support of each accompanying family member.

Proof of marriage for spouses and birth certificates for children are also required. Family members must carry their I-20s and their passports with their F-2 visa stamps when entering the U.S. No paid employment is permitted for F-2 visa holders under any circumstances.

J-1 Visa Holders

The J-2 visa is for the spouse and children (under 21 ) of an Exchange Visitor. The sponsor will provide additional Forms DS-2019 (at the Exchange Visitor's request) for each accompanying family member, which will be required by the consulate to issue the visa. Evidence of adequate funding for each dependent, as well of proof of marriage or birth certificates for children are also required for the visa.

Family members must carry their Form DS-2019 along with their passports containing the J-2 visa stamp. A J-2 visa holder may apply to the USCIS for work permission after arriving in the United States. This process can take up to four months. Please contact the Center for Global and International Programs for more information at (401) 254-3899.