Programs & Services

There are many programs and services offered exclusively to our international students including book scholarships, University break policies, English language tutoring, the host family program and activities to bring international students together.

Breaks & Summer Policies 

The Intercultural Center (IC) will be open during most breaks and the summer. Students are welcome to use the Intercultural Center to cook, study or socialize any time the IC is open.

Public Safety Services

Public Safety provides shuttle service during major breaks to and from T.F. Green Airport, the Amtrak train station, Bonanza/Greyhound bus terminals and the New London Ferry. See the Public Safety website for reservation information. Students must abide by opening and closing schedules to use the shuttle service. Special requests for transportation outside of scheduled times cannot be accommodated.

Long Term Storage

If you have items to store over the summer, a local public storage company offers a pick-up and store service at the end of each school year. Information flyers will be posted in the residence halls about this service.

Conversation Partner Program

The Conversation Partner Program is a great way to increase your confidence and speaking fluency in English. It is also a great way to make friends. The program pairs up international students with U.S. students to provide extra practice in conversational English.

Free to International Students

The program is free and is open to all international students, even those not enrolled in English classes. The program also allows both international and domestic students to meet and learn more about each other’s culture. Above all, it is a fun way to improve your English and meet someone new!

How to Sign Up

To sign up, come to the Intercultural Center and fill out an intake form. We’ll need to know when you are available and how to contact you.

How to Help?

For English-speaking students interested in being a conversation partner, please come by the Intercultural Center to express your interest.

Friendship Family Program 

What is the Friendship Family Program?
The Friendship Family Program provides new international students with an opportunity for friendship and involvement with a U.S. family. The student would NOT be living with the family. The Friendship Family Program was developed to ease the transition for students coming to the U.S. for the first time and adjusting to college and American life. Everyone involved has the enriching experience of a cultural exchange and a new perspective about the world.

Why Join the Friendship Family Program?
Host families are interested in you! They want to share their culture and learn about yours. The program offers you the unique opportunity to see U.S. life from the viewpoint of a family rather than observing it from the distance of the campus.

Who are the Frienship Families?
The friendship families range from single individuals to young couples with small children to retirees with grown families. Many of the families are connected to Roger Williams University. In many families, both adults are working, yet they find time to host a student and are eager to help you understand U.S. society and to learn about your culture.

How Do the Friendship Families Get Involved?
Friendship families would like to share with you the experiences they enjoy as a family. They might invite you for dinners, holiday celebrations, cultural events, sporting events or family outings. They are there to answer your questions and help you adjust to your new surroundings. What activities you participate in are up to you and your friendship family.

How do I sign up?
If you are interested in being a friendship family or if you are student interested in joining the program, please contact the Intercultural Center for an application.