Concussion Information

Concussion / Head Injury

Students suffering a head injury or concussion are encouraged to seek evaluation at Health Service.  A concussion is a brain injury that can cause a variety of physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms.  Concussions range from minor to major and the severity of the concussion will not be determined until all symptoms have completely resolved.   However, they all share one common factor—they temporarily interfere with the way the brain works.

 The student may experience the following symptoms: delayed reaction time, memory problems, dizziness, imbalance, headaches, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, difficulty concentrating, nausea, confusion, difficulty sleeping, blurred vision and feeling sluggish or foggy.    

Health Service can evaluate and provide follow-up or referral for students as well as assist with communication to professors.  Please call for an appointment at 401-254-3156. 

The following are websites that provide additional information about concussion and return to school after a concussion.