Alcohol and You

Alcohol Coaching Session Referral Program

The Alcohol Coaching Session Referral program at RWU is an educational/assessment program done by the Director of Health Education and HAWEs in cooperation with the Office of Student Life.

Students violating alcohol or other drug use campus/housing policy are sanctioned to do the Alcohol Coaching Session Referral program. It consists of a self-administered questionnaire on information, personal and social assessment, local, state, and federal law and university policy.

Alcohol Coaching Session Referral Steps for completion

The Alcohol Coaching Session Referral Program has one main goal: to reduce the risks associated with alcohol use among Roger Williams University students.

What do I need to do to complete the Alcohol Coaching Session?

  1. Schedule an appointment for an Alcohol Coaching Session with the Health Education Office in the Center for Student Development ext 3491.  Meetings are in the evening from 5pm-10pm.
  2. Bring your student ID to the meeting.

What do I need to do to complete a One no One?

  1. Make an appointment for a consultation with the Director of Health Education, Donna Lynn Darmdoy.

The Health Education Office offers these educational workshops/educational programs upon request:

  • Intoxicating Information Workshop
  • Alcohol Risk Appraisal
  • Intervening in High Risk Situations
  • Helping a Friend with a Problem
  • Binge Drinking Workshop

Call Ext. 3491 to schedule any of the above programs.

The Alcohol and Other Drug Information Center, also sponsored by the Wellness Office, provides educational materials, personal information, research data, and technical assistance regarding alcohol and other drugs to students, faculty, and staff. ADIC is located in the Wellness Office, in the Center for Student Development. Call Ext. 3413 for more information.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Department of Residence Life and Housing Ext. 3161
  • Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards Ext. 3042
  • Department of Health Services Ext. 3156
  • Health Education Office Ext. 3491 or 3413
  • Center for Counseling and Student Development Ext. 3124
  • Emergencies (on campus) HELP or Ext. 4357