Mission and Diversity Statements

Counseling Center Mission Statement

We strive to enhance the psychological well-being of students by providing an affirming, confidential, equitable, and safe environment encouraging self-exploration, reflection, and resiliency. With a commitment to a developmental approach enhanced by a social justice lens, we aim to facilitate individual empowerment and growth through meaningful, healthy relationships and community collaboration.

Counseling Center Diversity Statement

Roger Williams University highlights diversity in one of its five identified core values. As members of the university community, we too endeavor to recognize and appreciate the diversity that exists amongst all of us. In our Center this means we honor all individual differences which include, but is not limited to, age, race, ethnicity, sex, national origin, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, and socioeconomic status. This also means that we ourselves are an imperfect, “work in progress” in acknowledging our own assumptions and in striving to continuously learn more about the human condition. This is manifested by our openness to receive feedback and our nurturance of growth and learning for ourselves and others we interact with.

Our views are firmly rooted within a social justice perspective. We recognize that the effects of privilege, oppression, discrimination, stereotypes, and bias are pervasive within individual, systemic, and societal levels. These forces can have profound and harmful influences on student well-being. We strive to be a supportive presence to provide empathic listening, empowerment, and advocacy to mitigate those effects. One of our most important considerations is to minimize potential barriers so all students receive the respect, care, and treatment that they deserve, both within the Center and within the broader university community.