The Leadership Association

The Leadership Association was conceptualized around the idea of encouraging Leadership Development through “independent study”, co-curricular learning through peer mentoring, academic speakers, and community service. Through this experience, students will develop in specific areas as defined each semester as determined by the Leadership Advisory Board. Educational meetings hosted bi-weekly create a common experience among all students participating with the intention of discussing: leadership theory, guest speakers aimed at connecting theory with practice, and team building activities.

We aim for students in the program to learn more about:

  • The Arts of Inquiry& Innovation
  • Engage The Big Questions
  • Connect Knowledge with Choices & Action
  • Foster Civic, Intercultural, and Ethical Learning

If you have any questions about our program, the application process, or how to get involved please feel free to contact Sean Ballard


The Leadership Advisory Board

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This group of undergraduate students works toward creating content and activities for the entire TLA organization. Each week they meet to discuss current events, common areas of interest, and potential on campus events that’ll help students learn about their leadership styles.

Peer Mentoring

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In TLA, we believe that peer-to-peer connections greatly enhances the experience of those in the program. Learning takes place both in a structured classroom environment, as well as in unstructured gatherings among peer groups. Our Peer Mentors must have been an active member of TLA for one semester prior to applying for the position. Peer Mentors also work closely with our Advisory Board to relay ideas about upcoming content and activities that general members are seeking.