Co-Curricular Transcript

The Division of Student Life and Student Programs and Leadership are excited to announce the Co-Curricular Transcript program. A Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is a student initiated comprehensive record of participation and achievements outside of the classroom while enrolled as an undergraduate at Roger Williams University. We are hopeful that students will utilize the Co-Curricular Transcript as a supplement to their academic transcript as it is a tool to showcase their experience and learning outside the classroom.

Your CCT can help distinguish yourself in a variety of settings from job and internship interviews, scholarship and graduate school applications. You will need to utilize your Org Sync account to access the request for your CCT. Information on creating your Org Sync account can be found here

All printed CCT will be available for pick up in the Student Programs and Leadership office (located in the Campus Recreation Center).

Information on creating your Org Sync account can be found here

Starting your CCT

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The CCT is an excellent way to monitor and track out of classroom experiences while attending Roger Williams. This document is an important component of student development, showcasing valuable leadership experiences and recognition. The CCT can be a supplement to a student’s resume as they apply for internships/employment, scholarships, and on campus leadership experiences

As you learn to use the CCT application, here is a quick guide to get set up.

How do I start a CCT?

To begin creating a CCT, students will need to have an Org Sync account. Students will need to attend a CCT workshop which will teach them how the program is run and how to use and manage their account. A CCT is generated by the experiences that students populate into their Org Sync account. Please note that the CCT program at this time is open to any students who are involved in the Roger Williams community. This includes clubs, organizations, athletic and club sports, honor societies and community service.

What will I learn by starting my CCT?

Reflection and Application: Being able to see all of your leadership and involvement in one place and add personal reflections for each experience to help you articulate the experience better and share your learning with others.

Synthesis: Putting together your CCT helps you be able to briefly summarize your involvement and leadership activities so that others understand your participation in a concise way.

Developing Competencies: You will get a good idea of where your gaps in your leadership development so you can find opportunities to help you develop the competencies you need.

Organization: The CCT lets you keep track of all of your experiences helping you organize your involvement.

Updating your CCT

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Please read below to learn how to add, manage, and edit your CCT. Students will be able to learn how to add, manage, and edit their CCT for specific needs.

To Add Involvement Activities

 Log into your OrgSync account.

 In the top menu, go to "My Tools" and select "Involvement" from the drop down menu.

 Click on "Add Involvement Entry."

 Select whether you are adding an activity or an organization membership. An activity would include things like workshops, service projects, and conferences. An organization membership would include your affiliation with an organization on an ongoing basis and includes a position (member, president, board member, etc.).

 Complete as many fields as possible, including learning outcomes and reflection. See below for more information on Learning outcomes

 You must include an external reference (by filling out the name, title, email address, and phone number of your reference when adding the activity). That person will receive an email about your entry with a link to approve it. Once your reference approves the entry, it will appear as approved on your involvement record.

What Should I Include on My CCT

The CCT will help you track and showcase your involvement in college. You will be able to include your outside of the classroom involvement. Your CCT is as unique as your involvement, examples can include;

 Club and Organization membership (including leadership positions)

 Athletic and Club Sports membership (including leadership positions, honors awarded)

 Honors Program and Honor Societies involvement

 Community Service and Civil Engagement opportunities

Learning Outcomes and Reflections
When making additions to your CCT consider adding learning outcomes and reflections to the entries. Identifying the main learning outcomes from your activities allows you (or anyone reading your transcript) to see at-a-glance what you gained from the experience. Reviewing your CCT with learning outcomes included also allows you to see where you might have gaps in your leadership development, identifying areas of needed growth, which can help you select further leadership development opportunities. The CCT process includes pre-selected learning outcomes for involvement.
Adding a reflection to your entries allows you to expand upon the "snap shot" of the learning outcomes. Reflection helps you make meaning of your experience and helps you identify how you can apply what you have learned. Having the reflection included also allows someone reading your CCT to see that you really have learned from the experience and did not just do it to "beef up" your resume. When preparing your reflections, some things to consider include:

 What did you learn from this experience?

 Did your experience meet the expectations that you hoped to receive?

 How has this experience assisted you for the future?

To Manage your Organizations

Every organization that you belong to through OrgSync will automatically appear on CCT. Other organizations can be added. You can, at any time, add or remove positions, add or change learning outcomes, or add or edit your reflection for an organization entry. To do this:

 Log into your OrgSync account.

 In the top menu, go to "My Tools" and select "Involvement" from the drop down menu.

 Click on "Manage Involvement."

 Under the heading "Organization Memberships," you will see a list of all of your organizations. Click the organization name to open an editing window.

 From this window, you can add a position, delete a position using the trash icon, add or change learning outcomes, or add or edit your reflection.

 Click "Save Changes."

To Edit an Activity

While you cannot edit the name or number of hours for an activity, you can edit it for learning outcomes and reflections. To do this:

 Log into your OrgSync account.

 In the top menu, go to "My Tools" and select "Involvement" from the drop down menu.

 Click on "Manage Involvement."

 Under the heading "Activities," click on the event in the "Event Name" column. If you have many activities, you may need to use the page navigation buttons at the top of the list.

 An editing window will open. From this window, you can add or change learning outcomes and add or edit a reflection.

 Click "Save Changes."

To Tailor your CCT

 You have been engaged in the Roger Williams University community; and you may want to only highlight specific opportunities that you have been involved with. You are able to tailor your CCT to what you want to share.

 Log into your OrgSync account.

 In the top menu, go to "My Tools" and select "Involvement" from the drop down menu.

 Click on "Manage Involvement."

 On this screen, you will see a column that is labeled "Reports: Full | Record." Your full report includes everything that you have ever added to your account. We recommend NOT deleting anything from the full report, as you can tailor a report using the "Record" column.

 To customize your report, select the button under "Record" only for the items you wish to appear on the transcript. This will add a green dot to the column.

Printing your CCT

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To Print an Unofficial Report

Log into your OrgSync account.

In the top menu, go to "My Tools" and select "Involvement" from the drop down menu.

Click on "Manage Involvement."

Click on "Reports."

 Select "Export PDF" for either "Full Involvement History" (indicated by blue dots on the manage screen) or "Co-Curricular Record" (indicated by green dots on the manage screen). The "Co-Curricular Record" is the "unofficial transcript" to use in your Portfolio or share with others. The" Full Involvement History" is simply a list of involvement for your use (not to share with others)

Print the document from the PDF reader.

Why should you have an Official CCT?

 It is an official University document and will be stamped by Student Programs

 Official University documents hold more weight for offices, employment and graduate schools

 Unofficial CCTs will state that they are an unofficial documents

To Order an Official Copy of your CCT

Log into your OrgSync account.

In the top menu, go to "My Tools" and select "Involvement" from the drop down menu.

Click on "Manage Involvement."

Verify that you have selected all of the items that you want on your CCT. These items will be indicated by a green dot in the "Record" column.

Click "Request Official Transcript."

After requesting an official transcript you will receive a message from Student Programs when your transcript is ready to be picked up. If you are requesting your transcript to be mailed you must submit the address in your official request.