Hawk Link

Hawk Link is a centralized web host platform that connects students to organizations, programs, and departments on campus.

Hawk Link has been built using the latest technologies to create an online community for Roger Williams students to improve communication, information sharing, and collaboration between students, faculty, and staff. Hawk Link can streamline day-to-day operations, minimize paper usage, increase student engagement, and track all co-curricular involvement data. SPLO can utilize the data collected in Hawk Link to assess the impact of student involvement and co-curricular programming on overall student success and retention.

For Student Organizations

Hawk Link allows Student Senate-Chartered Clubs and Organizations to:

  • Be sustainable by moving all organization forms online for easy access and storage of collected data
  • Complete SPLO forms for room reservations, van requests, supply requests, and special events
  • Promote events using the Calendar feature
  • Communicate with group members or other groups via email, discussion board, or text message
  • Store files for easy officer transitions from year to year
  • Create an organizational website
  • Browse all registered student organizations and recruit new members

To register an individual:

  • Click here for the Hawk Link main page
  • Click "Sign Up" in the upper right corner of the Hawk Link main page
  • Enter "Roger Williams University" (this will bring you to the University portal)
  • Sign in to the system with your campus ID
  • Browse through Organizations and start joining
  • Visit the SPLO page to learn more about what’s going on throughout campus

Looking to see what events are happening on campus? Download the CORQ App to learn what is happening here on campus.

Here is a the step-by-step process to download CORQ and attend campus events:

Instructions for downloading the CORQ app