Student Senate

The Mission of the Student Senate

Entrusted by the students, the Roger Williams University Student Senate is the advocate of student rights, responsibilities and opinions. Acting as a liaison between the student body and the University's administration and faculty, the Senate is responsible for representing the myriad of student thoughts and resolving their concerns. Assisting in the creation of an inclusive community that encourages intellectual, social and personal development, the Student Senate is dedicated to promoting diverse thought and action amongst our pluralistic student body. The Student Senate endorses its clubs and organizations by providing a comprehensive network of support and recognition. Committed to collaborative leadership, the Student Senate places a strong emphasis on constant improvement for the benefit of the current and future students of Roger Williams University. 

The Student Senate holds elections every spring for the following academic year and each fall for incoming freshmen.

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2018-2019 Student Senate

President:  Kayla Devin

Vice President:  Daniella Alva 

Treasurer:  Jordan Phelan 

Secretary:  Rachel Deangelis 

Parliamentarian:   Christopher Costa

Academic Affairs: Thomas Wallace 

Clubs and Orgs.:   Rees Harold 

Finance:  Cheyenne Quintal

Public Relations:  Julia Giebutowski 

Student Life:   Sarah Wood 


Tatevik Tkhachatryan

Haley Mock

Christopher Langlois 

Amelia Ashworth

Amelia Demelo

Shami Ngarambe 

Alexandra Defabritiis 

Kayla Rosengren 

Jason Regan 

Brandon Menijvar

Samuel Avila 

Advisors:   Carol Sacchetti and Adrianne Harris

Student Senate