Connecting as a Commuter

At Roger Williams University, we want all of our students to be involved.  Every single one of our athletic teams, intramurals, club sports, clubs and organizations are open to all students -- whether they live on campus or commute to it. In addition, we encourage all of our commuter students to take advantage of lounges and study spaces across campus, including the lounge dedicated to commuters on the lower level of Stonewall IV. Other lounges can be found in North Campus Residence Hall, Global Heritage Hall and tons of spots in between. There are opportunities for studying, involvement or just hanging out at every turn!


At RWU, there are events on campus every single day -- from scholarly lectures and author readings to sporting events, movies and concerts. Fall and spring bring a farmers market in the middle of campus; Low Carbon Diet Day and Eat Local Challenge ask our students to make environmentally-friendly dining choices; Midnight Madness takes over in the fall, introducing our winter sports teams; movies in the field and bonfires take up fall nights; trips to Providence and Boston fill weekends; intramural sports allow students to get their competition on in pursuit of a championship shirt; and spring weekend is packed with events from block parties to big name concerts like Lupe Fiasco and O.A.R. There are opportunities for involvement in community service, clubs and orgs, athletics and many other groups on campus -- from honors societies to the radio station.

Learn more about Commuters in Action (CIA)!

Get Involved in the CIA: Commuters In Action for Commuter Students who want to get involved.

  • Meet other RWU Commuters
  • Plan events
  • Be the voice for your classmates
  • If you have been involved in high school or maybe Hall Council as a former resident, this is a great way to stay involved. Contact Scott Yonan at if you want to join the CIA!

The year kicks off with Weeks of Welcome, an RWU tradition with 40 days and 40 nights of events, read more about this year's events:

Commuter Lounge

 RWU's Commuter Lounge on the lower level of the Stonewall IV residence hall is a brand new space dedicated to RWU commuters. The lounge is located near one of the university’s main commuter parking lots, off Lower Old Ferry Road. It provides commuters a dedicated space to meet and socialize and just hang out between classes. The space has a tv, lockers, a computer, full fridge, and a microwave.

Two students working in the RWU commuter lounge.

Other Campus Locations & Facilities

Commuter students at RWU are encouraged to take advantage of all that the University has to offer -- from our 8000 + sq-foot Rec Center and our waterfront kayaks and sailing lessons to our dining facilities and lounges across campus as well as library facilities in Bristol and Providence.

North Campus Residence Hall is home to the C Store -- a convenience store with grab and go food options as well as coffee. North Campus Res also includes outdoor cafe tables, an indoor games area with foosball and ping pong tables and a two-story student lounge complete with sweeping views of campus and a fireplace.

The Dining Commons on campus includes the Upper Commons with an all-you-care-to-eat dining hall and the Lower Commons with grab and go options from pizza and sushi to burgers and ice cream. Tables are avilable inside and outside the Lower Commons for lunch, studying or catching up with friends.

The Hawks Nest is located in the Rec Center and offers grab and go options as well as a late night menu. Flat screen TVs play whatever you choose, including video games. Pool and foosball tables are available for time between classes and cafe tables offer a great place to study while the couches are perfect for kicking back.

Global Heritage Hall is home to a variety of classrooms, but also houses a full service Starbucks complete with sandwiches and other grab and go options. Cafe tables on the ground floor, flat screens TVs, comfortable couches and chairs with desk attachments offer many study area options.

The University Library is home to the Learning Commons as well as many computers for student use. The Mary Tefft White Center is filled with couches and tables for personal or group study, and study areas on each floor provide quiet space for school work.

The Intercultural Center is located in the heart of campus and is a home away from home for many of our students. Complete with a lounge and communal kitchen, the Intercultural Center is a great place for meeting new friends, learning more about how to get involved and spend some downtime.

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RWU has a number of policies that apply to our commuter students -- from our Good Neighor Policy for all students residing off campus in Bristol to our student conduct code. Learn more about important information that pertains to you.

Good Neighbor Policy

Roger Williams University students have been living off campus for many years and in most instances have developed positive and lasting relationships with area residents. Off campus students must understand and appreciate that residents of a particular community have made a long-term commitment to their neighborhood; students are transient members of the community and usually remain only for the duration of their academic tenure. The quality of life and the overall character of a neighborhood can be greatly influenced by the lifestyles and sense of citizenship exercised by student residents. A respectful and courteous attitude is usually returned in kind and makes the neighborhood a more pleasant place in which to live. In fact, some students may find community service activities further their sense of belonging in their neighborhood.

Living off campus is a maturing experience that carries concomitant responsibilities. As a student living in the community, you are a representative of Roger Williams University and your conduct will reflect directly on the University. Families living in the neighborhoods around our campus have a right to enjoy a reasonable level of peace and quiet. As students, your academic and personal schedules often conflict with the more routine schedules of families. Students are expected to exercise good judgment and be sensitive to the needs of their neighbors.

Most neighborhood residents are not against responsible parties. What concerns them, however, is rowdiness, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and people partying outside with loud music or other noise late into the night. Party hosts put themselves in serious jeopardy when their guests act irresponsibly. As a social host, you assume all the risks associated with state and local laws regulating drinking age, noise and public safety when you host a party at your apartment.

Recent court decisions have held the social host liable for personal injury and property damage caused to a third party as a result of the irresponsible service of alcoholic beverages to guests. This liability is compounded when minors are involved. It is important to understand that the University has no interest in regulating what goes on in the privacy of your home. However, when otherwise private actions or behaviors become public and attract the attention of neighbors or others within the community that is when Roger Williams University becomes involved.

Living off campus does not circumvent your responsibility as a member of the Roger Williams University community to abide by the Student Code of Conduct. Take the responsibilities of living off campus seriously. This social experience is part of your education and should be a pleasant one for you and your neighbors.


Students who live off campus are still responsible for upholding the University's code of conduct and community standards.

RIPTA (Rhode Island Public Transit Authority)

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Roger Williams University offers discounted rates on all RIPTA bus passes.

Schedules and routes are available at

Contact Scott Yonan at for more information on discounted rates for RWU students, faculty and staff.