Weeks of Welcome

Student Programs and Leadership and the Office of New Student and Family Orientation working with student organizations and departments across campus, welcome our first year students with Weeks of Welcome! Between SP&L, our Organizations, and so many others- it's our hope that you find ways to get involved, learn about a new club, or simply make connections with the new people youre living and learning with on campus. 

We encourage not only first year students, but all students to attend as many our events as possible. During new student move-in each student receives a complete schedule ouytlining all of the opportunities to get involved and connect on campus. Some events happen each year during Weeks of Welcome and these events are open to the entire student body:

  • Play Fair, a large scale meet and greet for the entire incoming class
  • CEN’s 1, 2, 3 Weekend, programming that includes our Fall Concert, a movie on the lawn and a hypnotist show
  • Late Night Target Trip, get any last minute items for your room with 900 of your closest classmates!
  • Trip to Newport, explore and enjoy the beautiful New England weather and restauraunts
  • Student Involvement Fair, come meet our 7 Orgnaizations and over 70 Senate Chartered Clubs! 

For sure one of the most influential events of your first semester is our Involvement Fair, here you'll meet all of the different student leaders on campus, learn about their organization, cause or club, and sign up to attend meetings or find out more about how to make an impact on campus. We also serve LUNCH on the Commons Quad so you can't miss our set-up! 

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