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Testing on Campus

The New Normal

Elizabeth Alcantara- Architecture '22
Roger Statue with Mask

If we think about a year ago, we wouldn’t have imagined ourselves in the position we are now. A year into the pandemic, the “new normal” is now simply the normal. Masks have become the most valuable accessory and social gatherings have switched to Zoom meetings. Last semester, RWU did a great job at keeping positive cases rates low. This new semester has been even better. The school has been able to develop a testing system so effective that RWU is now one of the top safest schools to attend in the state of Rhode Island. Incoming students, international or not, can be assured that their safety is the school’s top priority. 

So what does testing look like for a student on campus? Students are expected to test twice a week at the Field House. The test is a nasal swab test done by the students themselves guided by a professional to guarantee social distancing. Testing is easy and fast, but most importantly safe! To ensure that students are adhering to testing standards, the school sends out reminders to the students the day of and before their testing days. Besides this, a daily screening for symptoms is sent to each RWU student to ensure fast tracing of possible COVID cases. 

With the vaccine rolling out, it is our hope that COVID will soon be a part of the past and that next semester is going to be even better than all pre-virus semesters. In the meantime, it is our duty to keep up with safety measures to keep RWU safe for all.

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